Common Pregnancy Exercises And Their Benefits

Most of us are not aware of the significance of pregnancy exercises. During one of my research at one of the best maternity hospitals in Mumbai, it was very clear that around 50% of the people were not aware of pregnancy exercises and around 70% of the people who were aware chose not to exercise during their pregnancy. The main reason for not exercising during pregnancy is the fear of doing more harm than good. Most people feel that as their body has changed, they would not be able to exercise, or worse, that they might harm the baby with their physical activity. Pregnancy exercises done right are mild and safe, if we know the right kind of exercises.

It is significant to note that you cannot follow the similar exercise regime during your entire pregnancy. As the pregnancy advances, you need to change your workouts correspondingly. Some of the exercises are harmless for a pregnant women and safe during the first three months but can be harmful in the last three months. There are some exercises which are not befitting for pregnant women. This includes long-fast running, cycling, or horse riding. For this reason it is necessary to follow the appropriate fitness schedule under the direct supervision of your gynecologist. If you are following the correct training program, you can effortlessly get into shape within no time after the birth.

Stay Away From Laborious And Extensive Exercises
It is important to follow the exercise pattern which is not laborious and extensive. The exercises should be simple that do not exhaust you. Walking is ideal for a pregnant women. It is significant that same level of physical activity is maintained which you were practicing before you were pregnant. But, as and when pregnancy progresses, the size of the body grows and the energy levels decline. At this point of time you need to alter your activity levels to a great extent. So, you are advised to talk the permission of your doctor before you follow any specific exercise program.

Pregnancy yoga is something you can practise sitting in a peaceful room. Making your mind strong is equal to making yourself strong. Yoga also helps you keep relaxed and helps you be at complete rest. It also helps in strengthening the core muscles that are important for delivery and improves their endurance. Along with yoga, you can practice cobbler pose which is very simple again. As most of the women suffer from pelvic pain during pregnancy, it is very important to act before you experience that. Pelvic muscles can be strengthened by this exercise. A have mat on the floor and sit on the ground. Now stretch your legs and join in such a way that both feet touches each other. Use your hands to hold your feet. Now slight do the butterfly motion by changing your knees. This is a magic exercise which will help in making your pelvic muscle stronger.

Most gynecologist in mumbai will prompt you to go for regular brisk walks most of the time. Walking in a green area not only is an exercise for your body but also for your mind. Fresh air and open space will give you the much needed space to your mind.

When a women is pregnant it is vital that she should exercise so that she is active and does not experiences common symptoms like morning sickness and nausea that disturbs your daily routine. With exercise you can stay fit and can have an easy labor. If the body is not fit the labor can be very tough. Some of the well-known benefits of pregnancy exercises are: 1) it reduces the risk of gestational diabetes to a great extent 2) reduces the complications that happen during labour 3) reduces strain and back pain 4) Helps in preventing constipation 5) post pregnancy, it will help in returning to pre-pregnancy weight.

So, Exercise when you are pregnant in order to have smooth and healthful journey all through those extraordinary nine months and after that. At the same time you need to be extremely careful about your choice of fitness program.