How to unlock Samsung Galaxy S9+

Congratulations, you just bought a new Samsung Galaxy S9+ phone or finally completed your contract, sadly on inserting your new sim, you realize that it’s locked to a specific carrierand won’t accept another sim. This is the time when you need to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S9+ to use with other gsmsim cards.

Carrierlocking is a common tactic used by service providers to prevent you from jumping ship and leaving them for their competitors.

However, thanks to technology and legislative backing, the process of unlocking phones is now easier, and with the easy to follow steps listed below, you can safely unlock Samsung Galaxy S9+ phone without any technical knowledge.

Why unlock your Samsung Galaxy S9+

Unlocking your carrier locked phone has a myriad of benefits including:

•   Cheaper rates – unlocking your phone allows you to switch to another network with cheaper rates.

•   Good Coverage – you can happen to move to an area where there is poor coverage for your current network, and you might need to switch to another.

•   Travelling – instead of paying higher rates for roaming service, you can use a local sim while travelling.

•   Use your previous carrier – Having a carrier locked phone means you have to dump your existing carrier.Unlocking the phone allows you to use your existing network.

•   Unlocking your cell phone, increases its resell value, as it would be available to multiple carriers.

•   Once unlocked, yourSamsung Galaxy S9+ would remain permanently unlocked.

What you need to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S9+

•   Your IMEI number – Dial *#06# on your Samsung Galaxy S9+ and write out the IMEI number. This number is unique for your phone.

•   An unlocking service – Search and choose a trustworthy and well-reviewed unlocking service to get the unlock code. One of the well-reviewed choice you may consider is

•   Your phone details – Provide phone details like phone make, model and the name of the carrier it is locked to.

•   An email address – Your email address to receive the unlock code.

Steps to getyour Samsung S9+unlock code

Step 1. Search and Pay for the Samsung Galaxy S9+ unlock and input your email where it would be sent.

Step 2: enter your IMEI number.  Your IMEI number may be 15 or 17. However, only the first 15 numbers are required to unlock your phone.

Step 3 – Select the original carrier the phone is locked on. (Note: do not choose the network you wish to use after unlocking the phone.

Instructions to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S9+

Upon receiving the Samsung Galaxy S9+ unlock code on your email, Follow to steps below to effortlessly unlock your phone.

1. Insert a simfrom a different carrier. Not the one your phone is locked to, and power on the phone.

2. Your phone would prompt you to enter the “Sim Network, Unlock Pin”.

3. Input the network unlock code sent to your email and press “Enter” or “OK”.

4. Congratulations, your Samsung Galaxy S9+ phone is now unlocked.

Please Note: If your phone displays a “Phone Freeze” Message during the unlock process, then it means that your Samsung Galaxy S9+ phone is in freeze mode.

And to unlock the phone, you would first have to input a Defreeze Code (which would also be sent to your email alongside the unlock code), before inputting the network unlock code.