7 Ways to Make Your Workout More Fun in 2017

From Paleo to Atkins to eating a gluten free diet, fad diets are currently all over the place. Many fitness experts are of the belief that such diets do more harm to the body than good.

The human body comprises of minerals, vitamins, and nutrients, and as such, it is not possible for you to shed weight in a healthy way if all you do is fill the body with unnecessary synthetic powders, plastics, and sugars.

In life, there is no easy button, and what you have to do is ensure that you exercise on a regular basis, even though working out is an option that is not appealing to most people. A good workout exercise will require effort.

Making the workout exercises fun will make it easier for you to go to the gym. For those who want to live a long and prosperous life, they need to get off the couch and try the following methods, which will help transform their workouts into play-out sessions.

1. Take the Picturesque Route

Walking makes it easier for you to transition into a lifestyle that is healthier, and the fact that it is without charge makes it even more appealing. Walking not only allows you to burn more calories, but you also get to view the world in a much different way.

If you have access to a hiking trail, take advantage of it: if you live in an urban setting, do not let this deter you from taking regular walks.

Walking will enable you to discover new paths, come across hole-in-the-wall spots, and most importantly, make it possible for you to meet new people.

2. Distract Yourself

Regardless of the exercise methods, you have chosen, you need to distract yourself by using this time to meditate. At one point, you may have wondered how marathoners are able to put a lot of miles on their bodies without giving up.

It is because they have learned to harness the pain that comes from running, which they use to go into a transcendental state, and which many of us try to avoid at all costs.

3. Listen to Podcasts or Music

In life, few experiences are more satisfying than being able to turn up your music and drown out everything else happening around you.

Given that there are so many music and podcasts apps available on today’s phones, it will be very easy for you to find entertainment options that are perfectly suited to your needs and preferences.

Pair your Smartphone with your Bluetooth Headphones, crank up the volume, and immerse yourself in your own world.

4. Bring a Friend

There are individuals who cannot go anywhere on their own. Even though it is great to dine or watch a movie alone occasionally, it is always great to have company when working out.

Having someone working out with you will allow you to pace yourself. Your friend can also act as your coach providing motivation and urging you to push yourself harder, which is something you may not be able to achieve when working out alone.

Additionally, involving other people in your goals could make the difference between achieving success, and failing to achieve your workout objectives.

5. Accessorize

Currently, many accessories can be used to simplify workout sessions. In many cases, purchasing a new exercise toy will help add some much-needed fun to the workout session.

With apps such as Nike+ and RunKeeper being available for download from the app stores, your Smartphone is now capable of tracking your progress, as well as your vitals. Wearing wrist weights will help add a new dimension to your everyday workout routine.

For people who like to exercise in the evenings or at night, headlamps will make it possible to see what lies ahead, and this will prevent you from tripping.

In the case of power-walkers and urban runners, the greatest obstacle to working out is having to dodge other people regularly. It becomes difficult to get into a meditative zone when one has to dodge other people on a regular basis.

To help resolve this vexing issue, RunBell, a startup from Tokyo was able to develop a runner’s version of the traditional bicycle bell. It is a lightweight brass bell used to ward a person that you are approaching them from behind, which makes it possible for you to maintain the transcendental state achieved earlier.

6. Compete

Adding a little competition to your workout session helps in motivating you to push yourself further when working out.

For this, you can turn to apps such as Zombies, Run! This turns your normal run into a video game. Another app you can use to turn your workout regimen to a competition is MyFitnessPal: it makes it feasible for you to bond with other individuals in the exercise community.

Regardless of whether you are competing with a friend, against your previous self, or against an online exercise community, setting goals will be the only way for you to achieve them.

7. Relax

For you to experience joy, you first need to experience pain. When you push yourself hard during your workout, you end up feeling much better when enjoying your downtime.

However, you should not relax too much, as you may lose the gains already made. Remember that it is okay to indulge yourself occasionally. Treat the body to some junk food, or imbibe a drink at your local.

It does not have to be torturous for you to remain healthy; you just need to turn down whenever possible.