7 Effective Tips To Lose Weight At Home Without Going To The Gym

A bulging belly and a fat body is the last thing you would like to possess but the fact is more than half of the urban population are overweight these days. Obesity is quite common among people residing in the developed countries and the developing countries are also not far behind. The main factors causing obesity include an unhealthy lifestyle, lack of exercising, hormonal imbalances, stress, side-effects from medicines and so on.

This is a common notion among people that extra calories can only be shed by joining a gym, following a strict diet and going for weight loss surgeries. A healthy diet contributes 70% towards your weight loss goal. Thus, in order to lose excess fat, you must keep a check on what you eat but that does not mean skipping meals or starving. Follow the effective tips given below that will help you shed the extra kilos without sweating it out at the gym or going through the knife.


1. Replace carbs with proteins:

You must limit the intake of carbohydrates as the more carbs you eat the more calories you gain. Try to include more protein-rich food in your diet like pulses and lentils, fish, meat and eggs that are good sources of protein. A high-protein diet is essential if you are working out on a regular basis and it fills up your stomach without adding many calories.

2. Get natural supplements:

If the weight loss procedures seem to be too time-consuming and you need faster results, you may try the natural weight loss supplements like testogen. These supplements increase the testosterone levels in the body that helps to tone the muscles and boost energy levels at the same time. There are numerous brands and varieties in the market that claim to give instant results without any side-effects. However, it is always advised to consult your doctor before using the oral supplements to mitigate any possible health risks.

3. Do weight training:

Invest in a pair of dumbbells as weight training is important to lose the stubborn fat in your belly and back area. Freehand exercising and cardio might not be very effective but weight lifting can bring the desired results and get you back in shape by toning the muscles. You can also try yoga at home for a perfectly toned body.

4. Get adequate sleep:

Try to get six to eight hours of sound sleep every night to stay in shape. Researchers have proven that people who stay awake after midnight and don’t get enough sleep, are prone to obesity and other illnesses. So, getting adequate sleep after a hectic day is a must to fight obesity.

5. Switch to whole grains:

Switching to whole grains like oats, barley, brown rice and whole wheat can actually bring excellent results if you wish to lose weight. Restrict yourself from consuming fast foods like pizza, pasta, noodles, burgers and other varieties as they are mainly prepared with refined flour and a lot of other fatty ingredients.

6. Include fruits and vegetables:

Well, this is a common tip for overall good health and wellness. Fresh fruits and vegetables give more benefits when they are consumed raw and uncooked as the nutritional value is kept intact. Thus, try to consume a glass or two of fresh juice extracted from fruits or vegetables daily that will give you the necessary immunity boost keeping you fresh and active. It also improves your digestive health and reduces fat effectively.

7. Eat in small portions:

This is a great tip advised by dietitians and nutritionists. Eating in small portions six to eight times a day can actually bring great results. Try this habit and you will see the differences as compared to eating four heavy meals a day.