Why buy the iPhone over an Android phone?

Regardless of the choice, we all are pretty much aware of the iOS vs Android debate. IPhone users might consider Android users have made a wrong choice selecting the operating system and vice versa and the rivalry intensifies with time.

Both operating systems have its own pros and cons but there are some compelling reasons to purchase an iPhone over an Android phone. Here is why Apple has a competitive edge:


If someone sell iPhone 6, even though iPhone 8 and iPhone X are the latest models, do not hesitate to make the transaction because the A11 Bionic chip makes the product a speedy one. The pace of processor makes it easier to do things like opening large files and editing a 4K video compared to an Android phone such as Galaxy S9. The speed difference should also matter when playing intensive games offering a smoother overall experience.

Ease of use

IPhone, by far is the easiest phone to use despite of all the promises made by Android developers to streamline their skins. Some may be not happy of the fact that the feel of iOS has not changed a lot and is the similar as it used to be in 2007 but this has made it much more user-friendly. However, there are some enhancements in its functionality such as Control Center and Siri.

Support all the applications

One of the reasons behind purchasing a smartphone is getting access to the multitude of applications that are available on the net. Most of the popular applications that we hear about every now and then are definitely available on the iOS App Store. Case is not the same with Android. IPhone is still favored by the developers and they tend to launch it first on this platform.

Zero bloatware

Android phone users spend most of their time looking for articles on bloatware removal. This is not at all a positive sign for them. Manufacturers like Samsung have mitigated the pain by accumulating all carrier bloatware into one folder that only takes up more space. The case is entirely opposite with iPhone. It is known for zero bloatware. This offers a cleaner and more efficient experience to the user.

Hardware and software integration

Hardware and software are seamlessly integrated making it a better option for the users. For instance, 3D Touch display introduced with iPhone 6s is smart enough to sense pressure enabling the user to act quickly from the home screen only by pressing on the app-icon. This is just one of the examples of how the hardware and software developers work in conjunction to create a perfect product. From an objective standpoint, the integration between hardware and software in iPhone is much better than Android phones.

The bottom line

Here were some of the reasons why new purchasers must prefer iPhone over Android. From having the best customer support and help to the best specifications, Apply has successfully managed to satisfy their customers.