6 Reasons You Should Be Cycling Regularly

As recreational and professional cycling numbers continue to grow each year, more and more people are warming to the idea of cycling regularly. Whether you’re thinking of cycling to work to save money or simply wanting to be more active and get fit, riding a bike is one of the best methods of exercise you can do. Also, throughout the Summer and Autumn months the weather will be much more forgiving, so there’s no better time than now to benefit from improving your physical and mental health. However, just in case you need some more convincing, here are 6 reasons why you should be cycling regularly.

Save money

While there are multiple modes of transport that you can use to get to work each day, you might find that the method you currently use isn’t the most cost-effective. Naturally, when traveling to work each day, you’ll want to get there with minimal hassle and in minimal time, as any issues could induce stress or get you in trouble at work.

Unfortunately, though, no matter which transportation you choose to get to work, you’ll probably still experience unwanted hiccups at some stage or another. If you drive, you could get stuck in rush-hour traffic; if you take public transport, it could turn up late; and this will still cost you hard-earned money. As such, aside from walking/running to work, cycling to work is possibly the most cost-effective method of travelling to work each day. By stumping up money for a decent bike, you’ll save yourself plenty of time and money through not having to pay for the bus, train or your car. Not only that, but the Cycle to Work Scheme is an excellent way to get involved and save money on the cost of your bike, so it’s worth looking into this.

Get fit

In the 21st century interconnected and digital world, society has become far more health conscious when it comes to managing your diet or weight. In cities, you’ll find 24-hour gyms, and leisure clubs all centred to helping you achieve a new, improved you. However, some leisure clubs can be quite expensive and cheap gyms are often extremely busy during evenings and weekends. As such, it’s worth weighing up what you will use the gym for, so why not compare your needs when assessing if you should take up cycling vs. the gym.

For example, a leisure club might charge £40 / month for 12 months totalling £480 for the year, whereas a 24-hour gym may only be £15 / month totalling £180 for the year. Now, although these may not sound like much, you also have to take into account for anything else you may spend money on when attending the gym; such as food/drinks, travel costs, and parking; as this all mounts up. In contrast, by investing a bike you’ll have no real need for a gym contract, so you can enjoy getting fit without having to fork out money each month.


The progression of the 21st Century has brought with it the inherent desire for convenience, where people will drive around the corner to the shop for some milk, or get a takeaway delivered to their home from a shop around the corner rather than walking. As such, with a bike, you can simply hop on and off when running little errands and you’ll be there and back in no time at all. Because of this, cycling for convenience is possibly the easiest method of getting to places close to you in short spaces of time. Plus, it’s a completely free and green form of transport so that you can save money and the environment too!

Low Impact Workout

One of the main reasons that people turn to cycling as a form of regular exercise is that it’s less impactful on your legs than running, and takes less of a toll when it comes to recovery. Keeping fit is all about regular exercise and getting your heart pumping, but running every day will take its toll somewhere down the line and could cause long-term problems. Cycling, however, is such a smoother and lower risk form of cardio that will carry you further in less time, so it’s understandable to see that cycling numbers are up year on year. It’s far less impactful on your legs since there is much less force applied after each step, which is why cycling is such a great form of cardio exercise.

Enjoy the Day

Recreational cycling is a popular hobby for many, particularly on the weekends when families are looking for a fun and exciting activity to keep the kids busy. Even for those who simply enjoy going for a ride alone, the benefits of cycling are abundant as it helps to keep you active and explore the outdoors. Ultimately, going out cycling will enable you to enjoy the day however you want, whenever you want, and at minimal cost to you.

It’s FUN!

Last, but not least, you should be cycling regularly because it’s fun and enjoyable. If you ask anyone that regularly cycles to work whether they enjoy it or not, generally you’ll find that the response is a positive one. It’s perhaps not so fun cycling throughout winter, but then again, it’s no fun being stuck in traffic day after day either! Plus, there are multiple products to relieve the burden of cold temperatures and wet conditions, so it shouldn’t be too bad of an experience. Additionally, charity bike rides and races are plentiful throughout the UK, so cycling for a good cause is another major reason people enjoy jumping on their bike.

In short, cycling offers a wealth of mental and physical health benefits to riders, while also offering a more cost-effective and direct mode of transport when commuting to work. So, if you’re not cycling regularly already like millions of people each year, then simply ask yourself “Why not?”! And if you’re looking to hop on two wheels more regularly, but don’t have a bike, then why not visit Aqua Blue Sport – an online marketplace designed for all things pedal-powered.