5 Must-Follow Tips When Purchasing Your First Private Jet

Shopping is always a rewarding experience. If shopping for something as little as a pair of earrings makes you jump around in glee, then imagine the excitement of buying your own private jet!

While buying a private jet may be an exciting experience, if one is not careful they may end up losing a lot of money. One cannot be too careful when it comes to buying something as massive or luxuriously expensive as a private jet. As there are numerous options to choose from, a lot of factors need to be considered before making the decision of which jet to purchase. This is because getting the right one can significantly impact your flying experience.

There are five essential tips that must be considered if you are one of the few who are lucky enough to purchase a private jet:

1. Conduct Your Personal Research

Before you can think of losing yourself in the magnificent world of private jets, you need to have full knowledge about the different types of jets, the way they work and how they compare. Familiarising yourself with the basics and fundamentals of aircrafts will tune you better into the world of private jets. When you are looking around, you will be able to ask the salesperson the right questions that will portray your intelligence in the field and keep you from making bad decisions due to ignorance or lack of knowledge.

2. List Down Your Requirements

Due to the variety of models available, knowing exactly what you are looking for will save you from spending extra millions of pounds on a model you did not need. If the private jet is for personal use, then a maximum of five seats capacity will be more than enough if you don’t have a big family or group of trustees.

Similarly, knowing what you need to be installed in the private jet beforehand will save you the hassle of shortlisting jets only after you have visited each and every one of them. Depending on your budget, make a list of all the basic requirements such as the number seats your want the plane to have, flight duration, baggage capacity and then shortlist the jets accordingly.

3. Hire Private Jet Sales Consultants

After doing thorough research on your own part and making a list of all of your requirements, getting professional help is the next suitable step to take. No matter how much knowledge you think you have, a private jet aircraft broker will still be able to add more information about aircraft sales. When deciding to purchase private jets, some people often make the mistake of ignoring the advice private jet sales consultants give and end up spending a huge amount of money on a jet that is too small or too big for their needs.

While hiring a private jet sales consultant, find out how long the broker has been in business, the commission they charge and how well they are at transaction management. It’s important that the private jet sales consultant has a team of trusted professionals to ensure that every detail is taken care of. Due to the evolution of the aviary industry, the need for wisdom, service, and attention to detail has become necessary to make a smart transaction. For quick aircraft sales inquiries and more information on private jets I advise you to take a look at the consultancy offered by the aircraft sales company Paramount Business Jets. Live phone support is offered by them so your endless questions can be answered and you’ll receive the best private jet charter quotes in this industry.

4. Choose the Type of Private Jet

You will be surprised by the different types of private jets that you have the option to choose from. If you do not have a private jet aircraft broker to advise you along the way, you may end up with the wrong type and model – a happening that will set you back in millions if you are not careful. There are a multitude of sizes and designs of aircrafts available that accommodate different styles and flights according to the passenger’s needs. You can choose a jet on the basis of comfort or luggage and flight length. Long range, medium length, turboprop or light jet are the most common jet types that can be chosen on the basis of seating, speed and range.

5. Get a Second Opinion

By the time you finish reading the fourth tip, you will feel as if you are ready to jump into the aircraft world to pick out the best private jet. However, getting a second opinion from another expert will do you no harm. So, harness those feelings of uncontrollable excitement and hire another private jet aircraft broker to accompany you through the process of choosing a private jet in order to give substance to your initial decision. They have knowledge and understanding of the specifics and technicalities of a jet and can match you with the jet of your dreams.

These tips will help you get started on how to buy the right jet type to charter for your next trip!