6 Easy Ways to Stick With Your Fitness Goals This Summer

Despite what your local weather forecast might be saying, we’re still officially in summer! That means that you still have time to get that summer fitness plan up and running. With good weather and long, bright days, the summer is a great time to improve your health and fitness.

But just like all good things, it’s not always as easy as it sounds. Sticking to your fitness goals can be very difficult in the summer, especially when there’s lots of traveling, barbecues, and lounging on the beach. Luckily, there are lots of easy ways to beat temptation and stay focused on your goals.

1. Schedule your exercises

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they plan to get fit over the summer is to be too laid back about it. With good weather, it’s easy to put off your workout and for other fun summer activities.

With an exercise schedule, you can be flexible but making daily goals for yourself like 100 push-ups or a 20-minute jogging session will help keep you on track. By scheduling in little fitness goals for yourself, you’ll get into a routine which will make it much more likely that you’ll stick to your fitness plan. Exercising first thing in the morning may make things easier, as the sun and heat still low and you won’t be preoccupied throughout the day with your workout session for later.

2. Walk more

Walking is a quick and easy way to sneak in some moments of exercise during the day. If you work in an office where you sit almost the entire day, take 5 minutes out of every hour to take a stroll around the office or walk up a few flight of stairs. This will not only keep your body in shape, but it will also clear your head so you can work more efficiently. If you have the time and convenience, leave the car at home one day a week, or if you use public transport, get off the bus a little earlier and walk the rest of the way.

3. Give up unhealthy snacks

Whether it’s caffeinated soda, chocolate, alcohol, or basically anything else high in fat and sugar, make sure it’s out of sight! Trade in your unhealthy snacks for foods like fruit and veggies. Not only will they give you more nutrients and energy, they are also packed with water which will help keep you better hydrated. Remember that the occasional treat is fine, but in the early days of your diet removing unhealthy vices will be a huge help.

4. Try supplements

Sometimes, we’re unable to get in all the nutrients we need for the way, which is why many people take supplements like vitamin D or a multivitamin. If you’re trying to get in shape, there are also plenty to supplements to consider, from testosterone boosters to protein powder to even just fish oil! Some will help you pack on muscle easier, while others will keep your moods uplifted and motivation high. Remember that it’s okay to get an extra boost of help from some outside supplements, especially if you’re hoping for a beach body by the time autumn hits.

5. Teamwork

Starting a new health and fitness regime for the summer is something millions of people do every year, so you won’t be alone! This knowledge alone can really help you stick to your fitness regime, but it’s best to have a friend or fitness partner to help you stay motivated. Try to find someone who also wants to get into shape and who is willing to hold you accountable when you feel like missing a workout or eating a piece of chocolate cake.

If none of your friends are planning on starting a fitness regime this summer, then there are plenty of places online that will help you stay on track! Try joining a running group or an online fitness class. You’ll be surprised how supportive and helpful an online community can be!

6. Take A Selfie

Many people find themselves giving up on their fitness goals because they just aren’t seeing results quickly enough. But with your own personal photo diary, you’ll see little differences all the time. Taking a selfie every day is a great way to chronicle your weight loss journey and can give you the extra boost you need to continue working towards your fitness goals. It might sound a little silly, but academic research has shown that keeping a photo diary can help people lose weight. And when you’re ready, you can show off your side-by-side photo progress with your friends on social media.