5 Things to Do If You Feel a Loved One Is Suffering From Depression

Depression and anxiety are rampant in the USA. The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that 40% of Americans are or have suffered from some form of anxiety or depression.

Therefore, the chances are high that you know of a loved one who’s going through a bad time. And you can act on that today.

Reach Out Unexpectedly

Not every encounter has to involve a big discussion about depression. In fact, most people who have depression don’t want to be placed in an awkward situation. They will talk to you when they want to talk to you. Don’t try to force the issue.

Reaching out unexpectedly could mean dropping by unexpectedly. It could also mean inviting them for coffee or bringing around a movie to watch together.

Make Them Feel Involved

Invite them to that family gathering. Ask them what they want to do with the entire family. Depression in loved ones often happens due to a lack of community, according to Psychology Today. Some doctors have even gone as far as to say we’re manufacturing depression because those traditional bonds have been broken by the struggles of modern life.

Use Mobile Apps

Sometimes a loved one may be so depressed and anxious that they physically can’t reach out to you. How do you reach out to someone who’s so closed off?

You may want to try mobile apps.

With greater awareness of depression it’s becoming more common to use mobile apps to reach out. Some examples may include: Breathe2Relax, Twilight Pro Unlock, and SAM.

Not all of them will work, but there are hundreds of highly recommended apps. So offer a selection and allow your loved one to decide if they’re useful for them.

Get Them the Pharmaceuticals they Need

The accessibility of healthcare in the US is one of the big reasons why mental health issues go untreated, says Mental Health America. Patients simply can’t afford the treatment they need.

A popular anti-depressant like Viibryd costs hundreds of dollars. If your loved one doesn’t have the right insurance, they won’t be able to get the medication they need to get through the bad days.

Getting a Viibryd discount with the help of cards, like that from SingleCare and other major retailers, can give them the access they need that they’re not going to get with the current state of the US medical system.

Shut Up and Listen

It’s natural to want to empathize when your loved one is pouring their heart out. This is especially natural if you’ve dealt with similar issues in the past.

But there’s nothing worse for someone who’s depressed to hear: “I know how you feel.”

No, even if you personally suffered from depression, you don’t know how they feel. Everyone is different and nobody can truly identify with how an individual is feeling at that given moment.

Don’t talk just listen. Only give your opinion when asked for it.

People suffering from depression want to be heard. They don’t want to be lectured.

Last Word – More Options Are Available For Depression Than Ever Before

Depression is steadily being more widely understood as time goes on. And with that people are becoming more mindful of those who may be suffering from depression in their families.

Whether it’s about getting your loved one access to affordable healthcare or just providing them with the mobile apps they need to manage themselves, you can make a big difference.

Just make sure that you never turn your back on them or dismiss their concerns. It will only drive them deeper into depression.

Do you have a loved one who’s suffering from depression or anxiety in your family?

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