Candidacy for Receiving Hair Transplant Procedure

The hair restoration surgery is allowed when a patient crosses the age of twenty-five as they have the maturity to possess the stable hair loss grade and condition. The procedure offers the cosmetic effect that requires an extreme precision as well as preparation to get through the primary consultation in order to define the exact status of baldness and their possible remedy. The hair transplant in Delhi is nowadays a good option in terms of receiving the quality treatment of hair surgery. Every year the client generation in these states acknowledged the procedure popularity and relevance that meet the graph-level of 80% and stated that a number of cosmetic surgeries are performed in India.

It is important to concern that the restoration procedure is full of artistic and surgical concern surgery that needs a certain eligibility criterion to receive the surgical benefits. It is a great necessity that your surgeon is a plastic & a cosmetic surgery expert with a very good number of positive results.

What a desirable Candidacy required for receiving the surgery is elaborated below:

  1. A Patient must receive the maturity stage: It is advisable to go through the procedure only when you attained the age of 26 and attained the stable donor state to meet the restoration goal. However, it is recommended to receive the procedure after 25 years. After crossing the age of 25, a patient is able to possess a very stable donor area with the permanent tendency that fulfills the restoration criteria. A stable donor area, which is the back & sides of the scalp, must show the fuller strength towards achieving the extended number of roots and their stability. The maturity stage confirms the surgery eligibility and weighs a high consideration in the hair implantation surgery.
  2. One should have a Stable Donor area: The donor area should have the stability in terms of offering the live hair follicles to fulfill the restoration goal of the procedure. The donor area gets the stability as well as the confirmation towards suitability only when patient attained the maturity stage. The younger age of a patient repels the choice of the restoration procedure and the autoimmune disease like the spot baldness or the Alopecia areata do not give the condition to fulfill the restoration procedure.
  3. Early Hair loss means more extensive baldness in the future: The pattern baldness started to give their symptoms in early 20’s and hence an early hair loss started by receding the hairline, severe hair loss and gradually the scalp areas get affected by perverting the portion of the top, front as well as the crown of the scalp. So, the earlier hair loss comes with an extensive balding extremely needs hair transplant procedure.
  4. The autoimmune disorder forbids the Hair Transplant Procedure: The hair transplant procedure doesn’t recommend when a patient is affected by the spot baldness or Alopecia areata because this disease also affects the safe donor area and it is not possible to extract the hair roots from an unhealthy donor part. Even though, the procedure of restoration can be performed if the disease doesn’t touch the safe donor portion in a very initial stage of the spot baldness.


It is good to visit the hair transplant clinic who offers the quality service at the reasonable hair transplant cost in Delhi option towards maintaining the high-standard parameters and goal of a cosmetic surgery in India.