5 Questions You Should Ask Your Dental Team

Many people can think of all sorts of questions to ask their dentists before they go in for appointments. Once there, it seems as if all those questions are impossible to remember. One way to get around the issue is to write out any question that is on your mind and keep the list handy. If you are wondering what sort of questions patients routinely ask dentists, here are some examples to consider.

What Sort of Toothbrush Bristles are Best For Me?

There are all sorts of opinions about what sort of bristles are best. One school of thought holds that soft bristles are best because they are able to remove plaque more efficiently. Others would recommend medium or hard bristles for the same reason.

The best move you can make is talk to your dentist. After examining your teeth all these years, the professional will have a better idea of what’s best for you. Keep in mind the dentist will likely ask some questions about the brush you use now and how it works in terms of comfort, reach, and other qualities. You may already be using one that is just right. If not, you will get an informed recommendation that you can try.

How Long Should I Brush?

Most people don’t brush as long as they think. That’s because the activity is not all that exciting and you are probably more focused on what else you need to do before leaving the house. When you ask about how long to brush, the entire dental staff is likely to say no less than two minutes. Since that can seem like a long time when you are brushing, consider setting a timer to make sure you meet this minimum goal. Over time, it will become easier to go the entire two minutes without constantly checking the timer.

What Should I Look for in a Toothpaste?

Not every dentist feels comfortable recommending specific brands of toothpaste, but all of them will tell you what the product should contain. Based on the condition of your teeth, you may need to go with something that is formulated for sensitive teeth. Perhaps you should go with a product that helps to whiten as well as clean. Take the suggestions to heart and use them the next time you buy toothpaste. In the long run, the right ingredients will keep your teeth healthier and looking their best.

Is Flossing Really That Important?

Few people enjoy flossing. Even those who get into the habit may rush it a bit. There’s a good chance you need to slow down and make sure you floss every day. As the dentist will explain, it takes roughly 24 hours for plaque to develop in the mouth. Some of it is found in between your teeth. Brushing helps, but it doesn’t get all the plaque. Your dentist can show you how to floss properly and help you understand what it means to your overall dental health. That knowledge will help you be more diligent.

Should I Use Mouthwash?

Mouthwash is helpful in reducing bacteria and even helps remove some plaque. Rinsing with mouthwash once a day should be part of your oral hygiene regimen. A dentist can tell you what type of mouthwash is best for your teeth.

Never forget that contact family dentists in North York are happy to help their patients with any questions related to dental health. Make a list, take it along, and listen to the answers carefully. In the long run, using what you learn will pay off in a big way.

Advice from Drs. J. Jesin & R. Eisen – Family & Cosmetic Dentists

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