5 Health Benefits of Ayahuasca

Ayahuasca is a sacred Amazonian plant that when mixed properly, induces an altered state of mind after ingestion. This stimulating, and often extremely visionary, altered state of consciousness is known to provide several health benefits that are backed by scientific research, first-hand experiences, and the Shamans that provide users with the ayahuasca “medicine”.

Used primarily as a means of communicating with nature, ayahuasca is also beneficial to those suffering from a serious illness. It is generally non-toxic, with no known long-term side effects, yet has such a powerful effect on both the mind and body such that you must take care to consume it only under direct supervision of an experienced ayahuasca Shaman.

That said, ayahuasca is an essential tool for both the improvement of your body and enlightenment of your soul. That’s why we are here today to share with you the 5 top health benefits of using ayahuasca.

1. Physical Health

Ayahuasca has been known to aid in many health issues. For instance, Dale Richardson, Ph.D. recently penned an article claiming ayahuasca has great potential as a therapeutic and spiritual remedy. In fact, he claims that ayahuasca is capable of activating an otherwise dormant receptor, one that needs activation to prevent diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, cancer, diabetes, and more.

2. Emotional Healing

Oftentimes, traumatic events that we experience as children have long-term effects lasting into adulthood. These traumas have the potential to wreak havoc on our spiritual and emotional self and affect things such as our happiness, career success, and ability to form healthy relationships with others.

With ayahuasca, you become exposed the very core of your inner self, thanks to the spiritual journey the concoction takes you on. As a result, you quickly learn to recognize your self-worth, with the increased ability to love, accept, value, and attend to yourself more. This can have profound effects on healing past traumas.

3. Increased Spiritual Connections

Participating in the ayahuasca ceremony can deliver you to a spiritual realm unlike any you can experience in the “real world”.

You will experience things in an entirely new light, both during the ceremony, and afterwards. Your consciousness will open wide, convincing you that communicating with astral beings and taking part in time travel are a possibility.

In the end, ayahuasca presents us with the opportunity to experience higher spiritual domains and become more connected, respectful, and appreciative of our spiritual connection to all living things.

4. Breakdown of the Ego

Your “ego” is the opinion you have of yourself. More specifically, it represents your self-importance, or self-esteem. It is responsible for giving you the ability to test what reality means to you, and gives you a sense of personal identity.

By consuming ayahuasca, you essentially break down the ego and rid yourself of any selfishness you have. In addition, it allows for a purer reflection of who you really are as an individual, without the judgment and constraints society places on you. This in turn will help to reinforce the love, acceptance, and value you have for yourself.

5. The Ability to Surrender

People need to have control in their lives to feel comfortable. However, sometimes this all-consuming desire to make everything go as planned can have dire effects on your life. Ayahuasca is a great remedy for teaching you how to surrender, relax, and let go of everything – the past, present, and even the future.

In fact, those that need to exert control over every aspect of their life oftentimes attempt to control their ayahuasca experience. This is where letting go, and allowing the journey take the direction it’s meant to, comes into play. Practicing self-control and relaxation is healing in itself. And, the more you receive ayahuasca, the better at surrendering you will become and the more healing you will endure.

The health benefits of ayahuasca are nothing short of spectacular if you are willing to try something new and let yourself experience something out of the ordinary. However, you may have to face deep, dark fears, understand and accept new realities as your own, and go to unexplained subconscious and spiritual places.

However, if you can learn to trust yourself, and the experience as it happens, you will find yourself walking away spiritually renewed, more positive, and ready to take on the next moments of your life like never before.