What makes uActive the perfect fitness app and what should you know about it?

Everyone wants a fit and healthy body and this ultimate goal is pushing so many people towards adopting a healthy lifestyle which includes good food, healthy exercise and dieting. With the digitization of almost all industries, the health industry is also not an exception. With the popularity and health monitoring apps which we find in our smartphones, choosing the best one has indeed become tough. uActive is one such iOS app which lets you continue with your healthy lifestyle and enhance your fitness results by constantly tracking them.

HealthKit integration offers details from all famous trackers like smart watches, pedometer and sports bracelets. In short, it offers you a clear picture of your daily activities and also about the effectiveness of the physical activities and workouts that you perform. If you show your reports to a specialist, you may even work with him to adjust your routine and work plan.

Little-known benefits of using uActive fitness app

Indicates calculations and offers smart training

  • Offers setting up resting heart rate for the exact amount of calories
  • Different types of movement or game even dancing or yoga
  • Stature, weight, sexual orientation and age
  • Singular greatest heart rate
  • Workout and heartbeat
  • Individual maximal oxygen utilization
  • Individual resting rate of heart
  • Steps and distance

Reports and smart calculations

  • Independent determining of the basal vitality utilization and calories which you need to arrange your trainings in a proper manner
  • By figuring out heart rate zones, practice power can be evaluated
  • When you workout in a specific zone, you can be rest assured about the outcome

Exports your training reports to PDF version

Wouldn’t you love it if you could save your fitness records and show it to your trainer later on? This is also allowed by the uActive app as it has the ability of exporting your tracking records to pdf and letting you share it or use it later on for purposes of reference.

What are the core features of uActive app?

Let’s take a quick look at the few core feature of the uActive fitness app:

  • It tracks the dynamics of your daily activity and every single workout that you do
  • Calculates calories based on the personal characteristics of the individual, type of sport and intensity of exercises
  • Different calculation indicators are used like weight, height, gender, age, pulse during working out, maximum oxygen consumption, kind of activity or sport you’re doing and many others.

Set your resting heart rate in the app to keep counting calories

  • Separate counting of the consumption of basal energy and active calories to plan trainings in a proper manner
  • The app lets you estimate exercise intensity by calculating heart rate zones
  • As mentioned earlier, it also creates a PDF file

Therefore, before you opt for this app, you can check out uActive reviews, or compare with other app reviews, that you will find on the internet and you may even take a look at the company Nix Solution’s reviews as well to get a clear image of how they work.