Should you buy an SUV or a Sedan?

Are you stuck between a Sedan and an SUV? Are you finding it difficult to decide the one that will look better? This is where most of the buyers get stuck. But do not fret, here’s a quick guide to help you understand and decide on the one that meets your preferences, budget and lifestyle.

So, before you zero down on your decision to go with a Sedan or an SUV, take into consideration the pros and cons of both their designs. The demand and popularity are somewhat similar for both of them; then again, you should take into account a few key factors that will help you find a car that is up to your expectations. Furthermore, the key differences between an SUV and a sedan affects the price of Car Insurance as well. However, to save more, don’t forget to compare car insurances before settling for one. All in all, the price and features of your car decides the amount of money that you will have to shell out later.

But, before that, did you know that Sedans and SUVs are more popular among the UAE residents? Also, the demand for an SUV overtakes the demand of a Sedan in the United Arab Emirates. Let take a closer look at the details –

1. Decide on the Size of the Car That You Are Looking For

It is quite evident that the size of an SUV is bigger than a sedan’s. Mostly, people with a larger family prefer SUVs because of its superior shape and size. SUVs come in all shapes, sizes, seating configurations, engine type. In a sedan, only 5 people can sit comfortably, whereas in an SUV, 8 to 9 people can be accommodated easily. But, sedans are no less in terms of style, comfort, and other features. But, due to the size, SUVs appeal to most of the car enthusiasts.

2. Parts of a Car and Their Functions

Do they differ under the hood? Yes, they do. An SUV is more powerful than a Sedan. The primary reason is the car’s engine – An SUV is packed with 4 to 8 powerful cylinder engines, which makes for a smooth and pleasurable drive for you. SUVs are designed to take you off-road in a seamless manner. The transmission and torque of an SUV are also more than a sedan.

SUV cars are known to be powerful beasts. But, sedans have a performing edge on the city roads. The luxury and class is incomparable.

3. Set Your Priorities – Safety Or Comfort?

Both SUVs and Sedans are designed to offer you a comfortable and pleasurable drive. The interiors, exteriors, features, and design may not be comparable but are unique in their own way. But, it depends on the one you prefer. Which one do you find more comfortable – the seating style of a sedan or an SUV’s?

People prefer SUVs for high-rise seating and sedans for low rise seating. The choice is solely yours.

Conversely, sedans offer better maneuverability. The driver enjoys more stability due to lower center of gravity, which makes it easier to turn a sedan on the roads. Whereas it can be little risky to turn an SUV on slick roads.

4. How Often Do You Take Adventure Trips?

This is one question that you need to ask yourself before deciding on ‘the one’. If you like to out for dune bashing and frequently take adventurous road trips, then undoubtedly, an SUV would be the ideal choice. It is safe to drive an SUV as it offers four-wheel drive and higher ground clearance and can be driven through all kinds of terrain, be it on rough terrains, deserts, and muddy patches. On the other hand, sedans are generally rear wheel or front wheel drive and are not appropriate for off-road conditions due to low ground clearance.

Another thing to note is, when your adventure needs increase, your car insurance in Dubai should also increase the coverage provided to your car. It is necessary that off-road coverage be added to the benefits, just as a back-up for your adventure.

5. Looking for fuel efficiency?

As compared to an SUV, it is more economical to drive a sedan as it is more fuel efficient. Because the engine is smaller and lighter, the aerodynamic shape of a sedan makes it a performer on city roads. SUVs release more CO2 emissions than Sedans. All of those who want a fuel-efficient car, without a second thought, you should go for a sedan.

In a nutshell!

It is important to get familiar with the functionality and design of a car and then make the decision. This is because buying a car can be an expensive affair. And, it’s always better to spend your money wisely and aim for long-term benefits.