10 Natural Therapies To Boost Your Mind And Body Health

Are you one of those who gladly appreciates the beauty of nature and adopts holistic and natural ways to treat and cure? Do you already believe in the power of yoga and meditation? But, what if we say that there are many other such therapies that aim to provide you comfort and feel good all with natural and holistic methods?

Yes, today, we have many natural techniques and therapies that are based on the idea that our mind has an influence on the physical body. These therapies aim to enhance the effect of the mind on the body. They also help in facilitating the capacity of the mind to affect the body’s symptoms and functions, thus improving overall health and well-being. Our health is said to be a reflection of the state of our mind. Therefore, it is very important to stay in touch with our inner landscape.

Here are a few effective natural therapies you might be missing out and that can help you in improving your mind and body health.

1) Acupressure

This natural therapy is based on the concept that energy flows through the meridians of our body. Physical pressure is applied on specific acupressure points to clear blockages. Acupressure for back pain makes use of various devices to apply pressure by rolling, rubbing or pressing the reflex points in our body.

This therapy is particularly useful in fetching relief from nausea, vomiting, back or neck pain, headaches, and even stomach ache. Acupressure helps in making you feel good by releasing certain endorphins which are body’s natural pain reducing chemicals. It releases tension and gives a sense of relaxation.

Benefits of acupressure aim to improve mental clarity and awareness. Other than improving physical health, this technique is used for self-defense and other forms of eastern martial arts.

2) Acupuncture

In this form of therapy, thin needles are inserted into specific points of the body. When done by a trained practitioner, it helps in relieving pain involving stiffness. The needles are commonly left in place for around twenty minutes. The patient is observed and asked multiple questions regarding the problem in order to make a diagnosis.

If you want to relieve stress and the physical manifestations of it, then this ancient Chinese medicine is ideal for you. Headaches, high blood pressure, insomnia, digestive problems, pain and tension around the neck or back are all said to be the effects of emotional stress. Acupuncture treatment for back pain is based on releasing the blocked energy around the affected areas and channelizes it throughout the body.

3) Aromatherapy

The benefits of aromatherapy, other than making your hair and bedroom smell nice, are more holistic in nature. This type of therapy involves engaging your sense organs through the use of oils that are extracted from fruits, barks, leaves and roots. The healing benefits both the mind and the body. The limbic system in the brain is activated when we breathe in the essential oil. This system, among others, is responsible for controlling your emotions.

It also stimulates your central nervous system. The oils used in aromatherapy are chosen based on the type of concern. It helps in a huge way to reduce anxiety by lifting your mood and relaxing you. Some of the popular oils used are Bergamot for reducing stress and anxiety, Chamomile for its calming effects, Jasmine to boost libido, Lemon for boosting your immune system, Peppermint to improve concentration and Rosemary for relieving pain and cramping.

4) Flower Essences

Edward Bach, a British physician and mind-body therapist, discovered a healing and an energetic connection between specific flowers and human emotions. He then came up with the discovery of 38 Bach Flower Remedies. These remedies have a potential to heal the body, mind, and spirit.

Here, the solution consisting of brandy and flower material that is diluted in water is used to improve the condition of the body and mind. Bach believed that illness is a result of an internal war between the purpose of the soul and the actions of the body. This conflict leads to blocking of energy and lack of emotional harmony. Flower remedy focuses on the use of flower petals to positively impact the mind and body. Few of the popular flower remedies include Beech to reduce intolerance, Chestnut Bud to help learn from mistakes, Holly to relieve hatred and jealousy and the likes.

5) Hydrotherapy

The benefits of hydrotherapy in improving mental health and relieving physical discomforts have been recognized over many years. Here different temperatures of water including hot, cold or ice are used as a therapy.

Hot water helps in better circulation and helps in removing toxins from the body. To further stimulate circulation, it is alternated with cold water. Hydrostatic pressure when sitting in a whirlpool with massaging jets relaxes muscles and stimulates the production of endorphins. It also helps in reducing pain and inflammation. The buoyancy felt when immersed in waters can be very beneficial to the nervous system. The many types of hydrotherapies available today include steam inhalation, warm baths, Turkish baths, steam saunas and cold compressions.

6) Massage/Chiropractic

Our body gets impaired with injury, pain, and diseases whereas our mind get impaired with stress, anxiety, and anger. All these problems can be taken care of with a good massage or chiropractic care. Massage helps in boosting our body’s immune system and chiropractic adjustment benefits the body by helping it to attain its natural balance.

They can be extremely beneficial in addressing the existing conditions and preventing further health issues. They can help in reducing chronic pain, stress and even insomnia. Massage also releases the toxins in our body and restores better health. It is best to go to a good therapist for a massage every once in a while. It not only pampers you but also helps in maintaining good physical and emotional health.

7) Meditation

One of the natural therapies that are gaining a lot of popularity all because of the fact that it greatly benefits the mind and the soul is meditation. It is nothing but a relaxation technique where you free your mind from the mundane thoughts and focus on the positives.

This therapy helps in calming the mind, reducing stress, blood pressure, pain related to tension, insomnia, boosts energy levels and your immune system. Meditation brings the mind into a state that promotes healing. There are different techniques of meditation that are followed by people. A few involve concentrating on a point of light or a flower, while others involve chanting a prayer or a sound over and over. You can choose to practice this therapy on your own at home or go to a class that can guide you to do it the right way.

8) Reiki

Reiki is a therapy that was developed in 1922 by a Japanese Buddhist. The practitioners of this therapy use the technique of palm healing. Here they place their hand on the affected area of the body and pass the universal energy through it. This is said to enhance the healing of both the physical body and the mind. It reduces stress and tension from the body and helps it function more efficiently.

The term ‘Rei’ means higher power and ‘ki’ means life force energy. This form of therapy promotes relaxation, reduces depression and anxiety. It is also said to help relieve shoulder, wrist or back pains. Studies have also proved that Reiki can help in decreasing the pain, tiredness, and anxiety that are associated with cancer.

9) Yoga

This is a spiritual, mental and physical practice that originated in India. The term ‘Yoga’, which means to unite, refers the union of the mind, body and the soul. Although this practice has been around for a very long time, it is gaining its popularity in the west only in the recent times. It is often confused to be a form of workout, whereas it is actually a discipline that also helps to cope with stress and anxiety.

There are several postures called ‘Asanas’ which help in strengthening the body and improving overall health. This therapy calms the nerves of the body and releases muscular tension. It also enhances circulation, concentration powers, digestion and eliminates toxins from our body.

10) Western Herbal Therapy

This form of therapy is evolved from the Greeks and involves the use of plants and its materials to create various medicines that can prevent illnesses. European and Native American herbs are mainly used in western herbal therapy. These medicines can be used for various suggested purposes like to heal respiratory disorders and better immunity among others.

Simple ingredients that are available in nature are used to cure diseases. For example, garlic is used to treat high blood pressure. Reasons like regulation of modern drugs and protection of the knowledge of western medications make people choose herbal medications over western healthcare.

Wrapping Up

To sum up, natural therapies have a lot more to offer. And the best part of such therapies is that they don’t have any side effects, are natural along with being effective and can provide quick results if done properly.

What are your views on this? Which natural therapies do you believe and follow? Do let us know in the comments.