Home Appliances Worth Considering for the Household Perfectionist

How many times do we come across different machines at stores or discover them through television advertisement and consider they might have a valuable role to help our household duties? When advertisement constantly proves to be a convincement tool for people in general, the fact that many of the products we acquire won’t even simply do the job they are expected to perform is, overall, frustrating.

Therefore, and if you label yourself as near-borderline OCD over your home, you should consider some of the appliances we are going to list below to make your routine easier and get astonishing results in a fraction of the time these tasks used to take.

1. Energy Saving Thermostat

Bills are the number one stress cause for any homeowner. If you sum up grocery, transportation fees for going to work every day, kid’s expenses, home bills, etc. you are likely going to drive yourself nuts to trace an efficient budget that allows you to actually live without needing 3 jobs to access the needed wage.

Energy Saving Thermostats work by linking their functions with your current heating and cooling devices for the home, reaching the desired ambience temperature set by the user beforehand, and reducing the extra expenses with what used to be a constant usage of air conditioning devices. Whereas it may seem expensive and untrustworthy as an initial investment, take for granted these devices pay themselves over time and reductions of up to 30% in your current bill payments are also part of the equation.

2. Robot Vacuum

Tired of doing all that vacuuming job around the house with the sole purpose of taking the dust out of your life? Fortunately, technology has other plans for us!

Robot Vacuum Cleaners are not a novelty in home appliances, as first models can be addressed back at 2002; however, many things have improved since then, and despite still being expensive devices to count with, they prove to be of immense value when reducing the overall time spent in vacuuming our floors, not to mention doing an exhaustive work in removing dust between unions and not hurting furniture in the process.

3. Nespresso Coffee Machine

Certainly, all successful morning routines start with a good cup of espresso! We can either do the expensive morning tour to a local coffee shop if our aim is to add an extra monthly bill or we could invest in one of those smart looking coffee pod machines. Among the different brands we can come across like Keurig, Philips Senseo, Nestle Dolce Gusto, etc. the Nespresso stands out in a price-quality relationship for the product we are getting. With a good variety of flavours to test in the traditional spectrum of barista-lovers – much a difference with Dolce Gusto fancy coffees like Mocha or other tea-based drinks.

4. Combo Wash Driers

These machines are the equivalent of a Christmas morning for singles! During those rainy weeks where there’s no extra cloth to wear as nothing seems to dry, the Combo Wash Driers prove to be the investment to make as not only they can get our laundry ready to wear after the cycle ends, but also they count with the advantage of reducing the ironing process to an almost non-existing phase due to their wrinkle-free programs, plus saving money on bills due to being energy efficient as a primary standard for most devices available in market these days.

Of course, we need to consider the scenario in which these devices can break and the extra fees to pay to have a 2-in-1 device, not to mention that regardless of which cycle isn’t working properly, you won’t be able to use the machine for the other function as well.

5. Food Processor Machine

Take for granted that one of the biggest decisions to make at your house is which food processor machine you are going to get. You may say, beforehand, that you don’t even like to cook; and that’s where these machines prove you wrong.

Despite being expensive in general for what a small appliance is expected to cost, food processors are machines that can last a lifetime if the quality is considered in the equation at the moment of purchase. Handled with care, these convenient devices can last over 15 years without requiring much help than a time-to-time service to be sure things are working well, and the overall improvement on our cooking routine is noticeable from the very first day we unpack it.

Chopping, blending, grating, whisking… all that and much more in a compact machine intended to make our life easier. You can cut the expenses in buying chopped vegetables or grated cheese by being able to do it at home, with the added value of food freshness and being able to tell exactly what you happen to be eating. Consider this purchase not just as a way to improve your kitchen but also as the first step towards healthy eating habits and, who knows, perhaps you can find a new hobby in cooking after all!