10 excellent tips to stay fit all day

Fitness means different things to different people. The execution of the concept of fitness depends on how one perceives it. Most of us develop a habit of procrastinating instead of actually inculcating fitness in our daily routine. Amidst a busy schedule and endless tasks to accomplish through the day, exercise seems to be the first thing to get kicked out of a person’s schedule.

Maintaining physical and mental well-being is a continuous process and not a one day job. In order to enhance the quality standard of life, one must inculcate a simple fitness regime and observe how they treat their body.

It is an established fact that fitness is a state of being and requires a consistent effort for its upkeep. The best bet to stick to a certain routine is to find an appropriate mix of activities that are fun as well as engaging. A suggestive process of ascertaining and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is mentioned in the pointers below-

  • Finding the right motivation : People often fall prey to peer-pressure or societal norms of health and start an exercise routine. This type of negative motivation is often short-lived and cannot be followed in the long run. In order to maintain a consistent approach to fitness and healthcare, one must find the right kind of motivation such as wanting to be more resistant to diseases, be mentally alert, living a long healthy life, and having a fruitful life. Such life goals require constant effort as well as effective time management at first until it becomes a habit
  • Preparing an action plan: It is important to set realistic goals in order to hold one’s interest in a lifestyle consisting of a fitness goal. The first step towards making a plan of action for a healthier life is to realize the difference between result and objective. Planning for a specific result is the easiest way to lose motivation and get off the train before the lifestyle change is achieved. One should motivate oneself to attach our long-term goals to objectives and not results. One should have a set goal in mind of achieving a healthy and fit lifestyle instead of aiming towards a set target of dropping those extra kilos. Doing this will ensure that the interest in working out is not lost in the process of achieving the set goals.After setting a long-term fitness objective, an individual should schedule a favorable time for a physical activity, and keep at it for at least a month in order to develop a habit.
  • Choosing activities which are favored by an individual: A person is naturally able to take out time for something that he likes. The best way to inculcate a physical activity in a person’s daily routine is to take up an activity which is he/she likes. A person who enjoys playing tennis or swimming is more likely to keep at it for a longer duration, as over time the individual gets in the habit of enjoying something which they already like. It is wasteful to try and convince oneself to continue doing something one doesn’t enjoy. At first, it is advisable to try multiple options such as jogging, biking, taking up a sport, hitting the gym etc. before finding the appropriate action which is most favorable.
  • Be active through the day– The best way to feel active throughout the day is to activate the body with the some early morning exercises. It has been noted that people who are up and about throughout the day are more likely to be fit in comparison to those who just sit in one place for a long duration of time. Being active could mean taking a small break between work, using the stairs instead of the elevator, and stretching; among other things. This helps in keeping the energy levels up as well as boosting the metabolism.
  • Exercise in a group: It is human nature to get bored of routine very easily. Having a partner to train or exercise with is a wonderful way of keeping the motivation levels up and help to keep us going in order to achieve the set fitness objective. It is important to find a partner whose health objective coincides with theirs. Exercising together not only keeps the motivation level up but also helps in strengthening the relationship between two people.
  • Mixing up the workout : It is quintessential to focus on indulging in various kinds of physical activities in order to eliminate the aspect of getting bored. Trying various activities also carries physical benefit as overdoing one set activity over a long duration of times tends to hamper the strength and makes a person prone to a specific kind of injury. For example, if a person indulges in weight training continuously for a long period of time, he puts his body at a risk of muscle injury.
  • Always track success: In today’s day and age, technical advancement has reached new heights. It is very easy to track the rate of physical activity. Wearable technology such as Fitbit and Easy diabetes monitor helps in nothing the body composition as well as activity. To track the body levels, individuals can consult a doctor to ensure that the fitness routine is not messing up their body levels.
  • Be consistent : Consistency is key in order to achieve the long-term objective of a healthy lifestyle. Assigning short-term goals to oneself makes it easy to track one’s advancement towards a healthy body and mind. Multiple short-term goals make it easier to achieve long-term goals.
  • Try cooking at home: Cooking at home is considered a type of workout which carries multiple benefits. It is fun and healthy at the same time. When one cooks their own food, they can ensure the best quality ingredients, best cooking methods and healthy dishes which are principally indulgent.
  • Consult a professional and focus on having fun:Professionals can help inculcate a lifestyle change that lasts for a long duration of time. With an option to choose from courses such as Zumba, aerobics, parkour, power yoga, athletics etc., there is enough variety to go around and ensure that one is consistent and does not get bored.

The above-mentioned points enlist the various options available to adopt and inculcate a healthy lifestyle.