All Systems Go – 5 Hacks for Improving Your Business’s Efficiency

In today’s hyper-competitive and globalized economy, it’s crucial to stay one step ahead of your competition if you’re to succeed in the long run. Every ounce of efficiency, competitive advantage or cost savings a business owner can muster can really make a difference to the survival and success of the company.

Luckily, these days we have an accessible variety of technology and tools at our disposal to help with the way we work. Here are five simple yet practical ways in which you can use technology to increase workplace efficiency for your business:

1. Cost-Effective Communications with Cloud-Based Systems

The internet has revolutionized numerous business services, and communications and telephony are no exception. Today, a hosted PBX reseller can assist you in replacing your old, fixed-line business phones with a more customizable and cost-effective solution that allows calls within your business and externally.

A cloud-based phone system allows you to cut down on telecommunications costs, regardless of being local or international. You can also increase productivity in your business by unifying communications services such as web conferences, voice, and video with cloud-based communications.

2. Share Your Files and Documents with Cloud Services

The cloud gives you the opportunity to democratize file sharing so that all employees have secure, online access to universal files. Conversely, you can also set restrictions when it comes to selecting who has access to certain information for viewing or editing. File sharing on the cloud is especially handy if multiple people are working on or proofreading one file by allowing real-time access. While most providers have free options, larger storage capacities and extra options are often accessible for small subscription fees.

3. Find Freelancers Fast with Online Marketplaces

It’s never been easier to find an extra hand, fill-in, freelancer or temporary contractor for your business. When in need of specific skills or somebody to fulfill a task, find someone with the click of a button by using online marketplaces and classifieds websites such as Craigslist, Airtasker, Upwork and Fiverr. There are options available to specify whether you’re looking for local talent or overseas, setting rates, and even viewing reviews to ensure you choose an appropriate candidate!

4. Real-Time Savings with Virtual Offices and Customer Care

Need an assistant when it comes to customer care but limited on your time and budget allowance to do so? Setting up a business but don’t want to be financially restricted or confined to an office in one specific location? Perhaps you’re after a moderator to point your website visitors in the right direction.

All of these issues and more can now be easily solved by setting up a virtual assistant, chatbot or virtual office. Hire an assistant that operates online for your websites or social media (using methods in #1, #2 and #3 for maximum efficiency) or set up a chatbot to act as a moderator. A virtual office allows you to work on your business from anywhere you like while making some real savings on rent or mortgages!

5. Marketing Made Easier with Social Media

Social media is a game changer when it comes to marketing for your business, and is too predominant today to ignore. Creating a business page on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter (whichever are most appropriate for your business) expands your presence, communications, and brand awareness while also allowing you access to tools and analytics to monitor traction.

Today, technology makes it easier than ever to operate a smooth business. When you try out the above tips, you can expect to reap the benefits of a better-functioning workplace in no time!