Women pop poultry pills to fatten up

There are certain things almost every woman wants: nice hair, straight teeth, and a juicy rear end? Yes, the desire for patootie perfection has women in England taking poultry tablets designed to fatten up chickens in order to plump their rear ends.

Poultry tablets have traditionally been used by farmers to bulk up chickens for slaughter, but has since been adopted by the Brits to increase the shapeliness of their thighs, hips and booties.


The FDA unapproved pills are sold on multiple herbal supplement online sites with names like “Star Curves,” “Big Beautiful Butt Formula,” and “Brand New Booty.” 

The pills are also sold on more mainstream sites like Amazon, Ebay and advertised on both Facebook and Kim Kardashian’s blog, the reality star famous for her behind.


The pill makers claim the supplements only contain exotic plant extracts that mimic the fat-building hormones.

Unfortunately, medical professionals don’t agree, warning consumers that the pills are not FDA approved and could therefore contain almost anything.


The dangerous trend originally popped up in Jamaica in the 1990s and has since been banned. Of course, the illicit substances can still be found on certain websites.

(Via The Sun)