6 Game-Changing Bike Accessories Every Cyclist Needs

Whether you’ve just bought your first bike or you’re a seasoned cyclist, there are some indisputable essentials that every cycling enthusiast needs. Of course, most of these key items are to do with safety, however there are ways and means that you can maintain your sartorial worth whilst keeping yourself secure. To keep you stylish and safe on the roads, we’ve collated 6 game-changing bike accessories that you need to invest in.

1. Pump it up

First up, the essentials. A bike pump is absolutely crucial for cyclists of any level. To really change your bike game, a bike pump that can be attached to your bike frame is incredibly handy to have. It’s easy to forget to pack a loose bike pump in your backpack before you set out for a ride. Avoid being caught out by purchasing a bike pump that can be attached to your bike – and only detach it when you need to use it.

2. Stand it up

It’s only a matter of time before you will need to repair something on your bike. Avoid costly services by investing in some key bike repair essentials for your own home use. A great start is to invest in a bike stand that will hold your bike in place while you work on it, such as The Bikehand Pro Repair Rack Stand.

3. Light it up

Even if you only plan to use your bike during daylight hours, it’s still necessary to get yourself a good set of bike lights just incase time slips away and you find yourself cycling home under the veil of darkness. Cyclists need bike lights to enable them to see where they’re going and to allow motorists and other cyclists to see you. Rechargeable LED bike lights, such as those from LED Torches Australia, are a great idea – as you can charge your lights at any time, without ever having to remember to buy new batteries.

4. Lock it up

It’s not always an easy choice when purchasing the perfect lock for your bike, however if you plan to leave your bike unattended (which most of us do) you will definitely need one. There is a plethora of options out there: a U-lock, a chain lock, a cable lock or an O-lock, just to name a few. The safety of your neighbourhood and how long you will be leaving your bike on the street will dictate the intensity of the lock you require.

5. Protect your head

It’s absolutely critical to wear a helmet every time you ride. In the past 15 years, the availability and quality of helmets has increased remarkably. Firstly, it’s important to pick a helmet that’s comfortable. Your bike shop is the place to try different models and styles, and where you will find a helmet which fits properly. Remember, helmet fit is critical! A helmet that is too loose may not protect you. However, a helmet that is too tight can be uncomfortable.

6. Stay hydrated

The last, but certainly not the least, game-changing essential every cyclist needs is a water bottle with a cage for holding it on your bike. If you ride with gusto, it’s easy to go through a full water bottle or more each hour. Think of it like this: your body is the engine, and it needs liquid lubrication. Not only does perspiration cause fluid loss, but you exhale a lot of moisture as you roll along. A lot of racers use large bottles, and carry two or more bottles on their bikes. There are even water-carrying systems which can be carried on your back, such as a CamelBak.

A little preparation can go a long way toward making that first ride, and subsequent ones, everything they should be. Few things can ruin a ride faster than a flat tire you’re not prepared for, or any number of little problems you’re not ready for. That’s where some knowledge and a few useful bike accessories come into play. Don’t be caught out next time you go for a play on the pedals – keep these 6 game-changing accessories close to your chest.