How to motivate yourself to hit the gym consistently.

Gym motivation comes naturally to some people. They have a burning desire within them that motivates them to train as often as possible. They love the gym so much that they end up becoming a part of their community and their lifestyle is centred around the gym. If you were to picture what goes through their mind, they would be thinking of the muscle groups and gym equipment that they will be working out on that day.

But the majority of people see going to the gym as a chore. They know that they need to do it, but they need to find the inspiration to go. Not having the motivation to train means that it will be unlikely that you will achieve your physical goals. So here are a few ways you can keep yourself inspired to commit to the gym so you can train hard and achieve your physical goals.

Place your physical goals on the wall.

The first thing that you need to do is write down your goal for going to the gym. You will then need to place this goal on a wall or door so that you will be reminded of what it is you are planning to achieve every day. Make a promise to yourself that you will commit to taking 3 action steps every day. This way, you will be working closer towards your goal. You can read more about the power of writing down goals on Time Magazine.

Measure everything.

Don’t just assume that you are doing everything right. Write it down in a notepad or keep track of it in an app. That way, you can actually see if you are getting better or getting worse. There are apps like Myfitnesspal, which can help you track your training and nutrition intake.

Always remember why you started.

Most people lose the source of their inspiration even though they are on the right track with their training. They actually need to maintain their patience and focus on the positive steps that they are making towards their goal. Each step forward is another step closer to achieving your physical goals.

Don’t make excuses.

Change your mentality to one where you know that you can make things happen. There will be loads of things that will happen in your life that can affect your gym progress. Rather than succumb to these challenges, be creative and find a way to continue making progress towards your gym goals.

For example, if you don’t have equipment, see if there’s a way you can exercise just by using your body weight. If you are unable to stick to your diet for a day, is there another way to get you back on track with your goals.

Push past your boundaries.

Committing to ‘bettering yourself’ is an excellent way for you to make progress. You will only be able to improve if you train in a way that strengthens your body. You can do tests every 3-6 weeks to see what improvements you have made.

Create an enjoyable lifestyle that includes the gym.

It’s important to make sure that going to the gym doesn’t feel like a chore. Instead, it should feel like an event that you are looking forward to every week. See if the gym has any fun classes or activities that you can participate in. Additionally, try to make or bring friends that are like-minded so you can achieve your fitness goals together.

Wear your favourite gym clothes.

It sounds simple, but if you wear clothes like an elite athlete, you can start to visualise yourself as an elite athlete going for training. Invest in gym gear that will give you the confidence to train at the gym ‘like a boss’!

Gym motivation might not be natural to you, but there are ways to improve your motivation. Try a few of these methods and let us know which ones worked for you in the comments below.