Should Fringe focus on character development?

John Noble says the fourth season of Fringe will be about the character relationships the audience loves to watch.

Noble, who plays Walter Bishop (and Walternate) on Fringe, recently spoke with MovieWeb about his involvement in the show, which begins filming the upcoming season in just a few weeks.

He claims that fans specifically requested that relationships between the characters be developed, especially everyone’s relationship with Peter, which seems awkward because he appears to have never been born, at least according to the conclusion of the third season.

“There is also the triangle that existed between Peter, Olivia, and [Fauxlivia],” he explained, referencing the show’s multiple versions of the protagonist due to parallel universe travel.

“A lot of our audience are interested in that little triangle, or half-triangle. They would be mad not to revisit these things. The personalities and the relationships really hold it together, as well as the stories. People identify with the characters and they care about us. That’s what we have to keep alive.”

Unfortunately, Noble doesn’t seem to be giving any concrete info about the upcoming scripts, and at this point, it’s possible he hasn’t even seen them yet, but being close to the show and the producers, he likely has a good idea about where the show will go.

Noble went on to mention that the Fringe cast will be representing at Comic-con in San Diego at the end of July.

Season 4 of Fringe is slated to begin on September 23rd at 9pm on Fox.