The typewriter lives on just like vinyl

Maybe it’s serendipity, but just as we posted our report on the last typewriter factory closing, the “Los Angeles Type-In” kicked off at an L.A. pub known as The Red Lion Tavern.

 The Type In included a fastest typist contest, a name that typewriter contest from certain movies and TV shows, the opportunity to get your typewriter repaired, the chance to sell your typewriter, as well as meet other typewriter fans and collectors.

A special guest at the Type In also included Ruben Flores, the owner of US Office Machines, a typewriter fix it shop in the Highland Park area of Los Angeles.

If you look at their page on Yelp, one customer quoted Ruben as saying that typewriters were coming back, and with all this recent activity, maybe he’s right.


While searching the net for links to this event, I also found there was another typewriter celebration back in February in Australia, the I Am Typewriter festival, which was held at the Sticky Institute in Melbourne. 

The festival included the “Top 11 Things You Can Do With a Typewriter Ribbon,” an exhibition of typewriter designs, “the travel diary of a typewriter,” and more.


Also check out the typosphere blog, which currently includes a San Francisco Chronicle article, “Vintage Typewriters Are In Style Again,” and details on a similar typewriter celebration in Brooklyn, The Type Out.

I definitely love the thought of typewriters clacking all over the world, and it would be really cool to see them make a retro comeback like vinyl has in recent years.