Women Still Don’t Like Rush?

It used to be that if you liked metal, it would be hard to meet women, if not impossible. That all changed with the hair bands, and these days a lot of women love geek stuff, so it’s not all the domain of pasty faced basement nerds.

Or so we thought. On Facebook, a friend of mine posted a story from SFGate showing the difference between the men’s room and the ladies room at a Rush concert. The line for the men’s room was lengthy, but nobody was outside the ladies room at all. This story ran some years ago, but could there be a fundamental difference when the band’s touring again this year?

Yes, we know the post was somewhat of a goof, but we figured by this point it would be cool for women to come out of the geek closet and admit they like Rush. Then again, how many of us know any women that like the band?

Back in the ‘90’s, Mr. Big opened for Rush, and they had a #1 hit, a power ballad, “To Be With You.” Backstage, Geddy Lee thanked the band because he joked it was the first time he saw a girl in the front row in years. One thing’s for sure, if you have to go to the bathroom really bad at a Rush gig, you can always sneak into the ladies room and take care of things quickly without anyone catching you.