Movement seen on new Daredevil movie

Fox Studios has confirmed that David Slade will direct the upcoming Daredevil sequel. Yes, I said “sequel.” Is that surprising?

Such an announcement usually indicates the completion of a screen play, meaning the studio is looking to start the ball rolling on getting the rest of the cast and crew together. Shooting might not be far off.

More surprising, however, is a rumor published in Variety (and not substantiated else-where yet), that this new movie will not be a reboot of the story.

In a strong climate of reboots in Hollywood, this is a daring move, especially since the first Daredevil movie, staring a mostly inappropriate Ben Affleck, was not a smash success, like the other property Fox bought from Marvel, “The Fantastic Four,” which has had two movies, both more successful than “Daredevil.”

Of course, this movement could be attributed to an effort on Fox’s part to maintain ownership of the movie rights for the “Daredevil” property.

Fox only maintains these rights as long as production is moving forward on Daredevil movies, and it might be worthwhile to Fox to continue to make small moves forward to keep the rights from reverting back to sole ownership by Disney-owned Marvel.

No word at all yet on the cast of the planned film, but we can only hope that Ben Affleck will not be back.