Mainstream media asks: How unhealthy should your food be?

Medical science tells us some foods in abundance are bad for us. But should there be a limit on how bad our food can be?

They never used to have to ask that question, but it appears that the media cannot stand the fact that people all over America are choosing to be fat. And when people continually do something that deteriorates their health, that’s when the corporate media has to step in and stir up some fear.

The most recent public health “crisis” was brought to my attention a week ago when I was using my fiancé’s computer. She still believes there is still some value in using old school Internet services, so she has her homepage set to portal.


It was there that Yahoo tempted me with the ABC News report on The Heart Attack Grill. According to ABC, Heart Attack Grill’s extremely hefty spokesman is dead and the proprietor of the restaurant has delicious burger grease on his hands.


In case you didn’t know, Heart Attack Grill is a burger place in Chandler, Arizona, where they shamelessly play up the unhealthiness of their food. Their waitresses dress like nurses, a “doctor” goes from table to table to check your heart, and a hospital tag is wrapped on the customer’s wrist showing which foods they order.


The menu has “Single”, “Double”, “Triple”, and “Quadruple Bypass” burgers and the biggest one is about 8000 freaking calories. The thing about this place that really rubs people the wrong way is the fact that customers who weigh over 350 pounds get to eat free. Sure, they have to weigh in, but those jumbos have no shame like the rest of us would.


The reason why this burger joint is in the news again is because their 575-pound spokesman died last week at the age of 29. He didn’t die of a heart attack, but doctors say his extreme obesity made it too tough for him to overcome the pneumonia he had.


Now this is a guy who knew his weight put him at great risk, and he didn’t give a damn. He knew he was big and all he cared about was getting to eat this establishment’s fattening food for free.


The news story should end there right? Wrong.


ABC News just cannot accept that! So what did they do? They interviewed the owner of the restaurant and basically asked him if he felt like a murderer for serving food to the fat guy.


This a place that has health warnings in bright red lettering on its doors telling people that the food served inside is bad for your health. But ABC News still felt the need to portray the owner like some kind of a food industry mass murderer. The greatest part of the news story is when the interviewer asks the owner Jon Basso some questions, hoping to make the viewers see him as evil.

He asks him if using the man as a spokesperson, and then seeing the man’s death has given him pause. Basso says point blank that it has given him “zero pause”. He also asks him if he feels responsible for the man’s death, but the best part is where Basso is asked if he is glorifying obesity and Basso says: “Absolutely, I think it would be immoral to stop at this point. We’re past the point of no return at the Heart Attack Grill; we have blood on our hands at this point”.

It may sound like a weird answer, but I like it. Why should Basso have to stop making money just because he sells unhealthy food. If his customers don’t care about their health what’s the problem? It’s a mutally beneficial transaction!

According to the government we do have an obesity problem, but the system they use to say who is fat or not is pretty questionable. If you don’t believe me check out the humorous documentary Fat Head. The filmmaker who stars in the movie is considered fat, and yeah, he’s really not that bad. Sure he could be in better shape, but if the government considers this guy fat, then I’m pretty sure the system the government is using is flawed. There is a good chance that the obesity epidemic is slightly overblown.

One thing is for sure, the government and the mainstream media think that there needs to be some kind of a limit on how unhealthy your food should be. According to them overweight Americans don’t really know what’s good for them and somebody needs to step in to save us from ourselves.

Check out the humorous ABC News report here.