This Windows "smart" phone can actually do cut and paste

Well, hey now! What have we here? A Windows Phone 7 device actually capable of cutting and pasting text! Be still, my beating heart.

That’s right, folks. Sprint has gone on record (read: gone out on a limb) by telling Phone Scoop the HTC Arrive will ship with the famed NoDo Windows Phone 7 update – preinstalled.

The so-called “smart” phone, which is expected to be available on the March 20th, will also (purportedly) offer faster application launches, along with improved Marketplace search.

You may recall that a very embarrassed Microsoft was recently forced to delay its long-awaited NoDo update due to a rogue WP7 February patch, which froze and bricked a number of smartphones from various manufacturers.

An industry analyst Rob Enderle noted yesterday, the Windows Phone 7 platform was clearly rushed to market.

“It was [released into the wild] without multi-tasking, cut and paste, or Flash support,” Enderle explained in an article on TG Daily.

“Each was expected to be differentiators but, to date, they have acted as a source of criticism for the nascent platform.”