King of 8-bit computing marries lap dancer

Sir Clive Sinclair, 400 years old and inventor of the ZX Spectrum, marrying Angie Bowness, 33 years old and blonde. Geezers self-combusting across Internets.

This is awesome news! Except if you are a geezer, poor, unfamous, and unlikely to ever find favor with the Queen of England. Sir Clive Sinclair, the man who defined home computing for the British, is marrying a women half his age. The lap dancing thing, and the age gap thing, and the horny old goat thing are not what excites us. Nope. It’s the fact that Sinclair, faux inventor of the pocket calculator, can finally use the old line, “I am not that glad to see you, my dear, I merely have some long division to do in my pants.”

Of course, it could be true love. After all, Sinclair met our lovely Angie when she was a mere teenage lap dancer. They had to break up in 1998 because, Angie’s glamor shots were too much for the old guy according to a report in The Daily Mail in the UK:

“It’s the kind of pose by a girlfriend that leaves a man bursting with pride…or cringing with embarassment.

For millionaire inventor Sir Clive Sinclair it definitely fell into the latter category when he stumbled on the nude pictures of his lapdancer girlfriend Angie Bowness at the luxury flat they shared.”

At the time, Clive’s friends were saying that the whole relationship was a sham. But, they be haters and haters be gettin’ served. As is quite clear to anybody who has seen the classic Jamie Kennedy movie, Kicking It Old School.

Thank you God for giving us the gift of geezer love. It maketh the day shine. Maketh us rich when we are old so that we may enjoy thine bountiful bouncy babes.