Verizon adds Youtube, Internet Radio to Fios service

Verizon Fios has added new functionality to its first-in-class Media Manager functionality, and has expanded its reach from DVR customers only to all Fios subscribers.

Verizon’s Fios TV service hasn’t made a huge dent in the oligopoly of other cable and satellite providers, but it has tried to impress with enhanced features that most set-top boxes do not have.

One of these features is Media Manager, an application built directly into the TV that wirelessly connects to a PC that has the Media Manager software installed. It uses that connection to allow users to view locally stored content like pictures and music, and also gives them access to online video-sharing sites like Veoh. Today’s update finally brings the big major name in video sharing, Youtube, to the service.

In addition, users can now stream Internet Radio directly from their Fios box on their TV.

“When customers connect their homes to our all-fiber network, their TV and Internet worlds seamlessly come together to create experiences cable can’t deliver. We are working with some of the most popular companies on the Web to create a high-quality, engaging Internet-to-TV experience that will only grow richer with time,” said Verizon VP of consumer strategy Shawn Strickland.

Fios has been rolled out in parts of the northeast and the Atlantic coast, with some coverage in big West Coast markets as well. Verizon has struggled to grow as fast as it would like, however, and has halted expansion of the fiber-optic service until economic conditions have improved.