How to Enjoy Your Life with Online Stuffs

Hello, fellow internet dwellers. It’s nice to make your acquaintance. Today I am here to take you all on a cruise through the internet. No tickets or boarding passes required. Just sit back and enjoy the journey through the vast abyss of the world wide web.

The internet was born in the year 1969, back then it wasn’t made available to us. Only the army had access to it and used the internet to relay top secret messages across different bases. However, with the passage of time, finally, in the October of 1995, the internet became commercially available to the people. Back then, most of didn’t know about such an invention. The internet, moreover the personal computer was something for the rich and the wealthy.

However, the present day scenario begs to differ. Today people cannot imagine a day spent without the internet. As if, it has become a part of our lives. Such popularity spawns a question to the curious minds, what do people do on the world wide web? Let me rephrase that. I should ask, what do people not do on the internet? The answer is everything.
well, let’s have a look:

· Since people got their hand on it all kinds of conveniences have been developed and are still ongoing. The most impactful one is “online shopping”. Long gone are the days where you had to visit the local mall and choose a pair shirts, or buys some toys, even food items. Nowadays, everything starting from underwear to biscuits are available on the internet. There are also a lot of options to choose from. The forefather of this online shop is eBay and amazon who first established this business online. People can also do window(pun intended) shopping just by sitting at their homes in front of their computers. You can enjoy yourself just by browsing the huge collection of anything and everything that is available online and never get tired of it.

· The internet is a sea of information. You want it, they have it. Of course, some information cannot be accessed without proper clearance, but it is impossible as it is to finish whatever is available online. Research papers, doctors notes, books, magazines, training courses, help guides, cookbooks, everything is available on the internet and is up for the taking. The news from all around the world is poured and shared via the internet. One may argue that it like a neverending and forever updating newspaper.

· In recent years, the internet is slowly being transformed into a global community which connects people from all over the world. Meeting new people including your better half is being done on the web. Online dating has become really popular and it seems to over all sorts of boundaries that we face in our societies. There is no barricade. It doesn’t matter if the person you love belongs to some other society. As long as the internet exists you can maintain contact until the day you meet each other. Interracial dating is also pretty common nowadays and is carried out by the millions across different countries.