4 Tourist Destinations Where Gambling is a No Go

A visit to the casino has become a normal part of many people’s vacations. It has gotten to the extent that an increasing number of people even plan a trip for the sole purpose of gambling. Imagine that while some people travel abroad just to see beautiful buildings, famous museums, and historical places, there are individuals that won’t go to a city if there are no casinos However, there are some countries that have strict regulations against gambling and it is necessary to take this into account when planning your travels.

Countries a tourist shouldn’t consider when planning to gamble

There is a need to get familiar with the regulations governing gambling in any establishment that you choose to play at. Just as casino game fanatics benefit from tips, bonuses, and other information given in various reviews, such as Folkeautomaten online casino review, we will look closer at several countries and their laws regarding both online and offline gambling.


This is one of the countries with the strictest gambling regulations. Gambling is firmly prohibited here.Although sports is one of the very popular activities in this country, betting on sports is prohibited.

There are some groups who see it as an opportunity to arrange illegitimate casino games. There are also some gamblers that patronize offshore betting websites. But Qatar, being an Islamic country,has strict laws against gambling. The government of Qatar tries to block gambling sites, but they keep springing up.

Any tourist who wants to gamble in this country should think twice, there is a risk of facing a great penalty if found guilty of gambling.


Lebanon was never strict about gambling until 2013 when the Ministry of Justice decided to restrict offshore gambling online. It is forbidden to take part in any form of unconstitutional gambling in Lebanon. However, there is one physical casino known as Casino du Liban where players are offered about sixty table games and four hundred slot machines. It is also possible to bet on board a casino ship known as The Orient Queen, that travels to international waters where bets can be placed without bothering about breaking the Lebanese laws.


In this country, gambling is absolutely banned. Just like in Qatar, here, gambling is a sin according to their religious laws. There are several regulations that do not allow the residents of this country to gamble even on offshore websites. There is a jail term of 6 months and a ten thousand dollars fine for those found guilty of gambling either online or offline. The same applies to anyone found guilty of organizing betting games – one year imprisonment and a $20,000 fine.

Hong Kong

Cities in Asia are generally seen to be very welcoming when it comes to gambling but that’s not the case with Hong Kong. Places like Macau, Japan, Singapore, and the rest are seen as fantastic destinations for gambling in Asia, which is why it is surprising that we can’t say the same for Hong Kong. However, there are a few approved forms of gambling in this city, these include football betting, horse race betting, lottery, and mahjong.

One thing is for sure, even in the countries where gambling is allowed, one should still do their homework and get familiar with the regulations governing gambling before getting involved.