Skulking Thief 4 steps out of the shadows

Chicago (IL) – Eidos Montreal has confirmed that the latest title in the Thief series is currently “in the early development stages.”

“This is an incredibly ambitious project and a very exciting one,” said General Manager Stephane D’Astous. “It’s too early for us to offer any specific game details, right now we are focused on recruiting the very best talent to join the core team at the studio and help us make, what we believe will be one of the most exciting games on the market.”

In Thief, players assume the role of Garrett, a master thief trawling a dark world that resembles a cross between the Late Middle ages and the Victorian era. Thus far, the series comprises Thief: The Dark Project (1998), Thief II: The Metal Age (2000) and Thief: Deadly Shadows (2004). The first two titles were developed by the now-defunct Looking Glass Studios, while Deadly Shadows was released by Ion Storm Austin. The more advanced Deadly Shadows offers players the ability to explore the City between missions, where Garrett can steal, spy and participate in side quests.  

According to Eidos, the original Thief title “revolutionized” first-person gaming and “defined” a new genre of stealth based game play. Indeed, Thief’s script and immersive audio environment was recognized by The Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences and nominated for Outstanding Achievement in Sound Design.

Eidos has opened an official Thief 4 discussion forum that can be accessed here: