Android fans eye imminent release of updated OS

Chicago (IL) – Android fans dreaming of electric sheep and an updated OS won’t have to wait long for the latter. Indeed, the official release of Android 1.5 is reportedly imminent and could be available for download by the end of next week.

The upgraded OS is expected to feature Live Folders, which will allow users to browse films, e-books and songs without having to open the corresponding application. In addition, 1.5 provides native support for the rapid posting of images and movies onto YouTube or Picassa.   

Android 1.5, which utilizes Linux kernel 2.6.27, also offers an on-screen keyboard that functions in both landscape and portrait viewing modes. The platform’s browser will be updated with faster Webkit and Sqirrelfish engines, along with support for advanced search options. Other new features include a dictionary for user-defined words, new widgets for the home screen, playback capability and stereo Bluetooth.

As TG Dailypreviously reported, T-Mobile has sold over one million Android units since the launch of the G1 smartphone on October 22, 2008. The phone currently accounts for nearly two thirds of all of the 3G devices available on the T-Mobile network.

Although the Linux-based Android was initially designed to power mobile phones, the OS is expected to find its way onto multiple devices, including netbooks.