PSP continues to outsell 3DS in Japan

It wasn’t just a one-week fluke. The 3DS has been surpassed by Sony’s PSP yet again.

According to Media Create, Sony sold 35,478 PSP units in the region last week, while Nintendo sold only 32,910 3DS systems.

The sales data must be startling to Nintendo. After all, the 3DS is the shiny new kid on the block and the PSP is an old system dating back more than five years.

It isn’t about the hardware, though. It’s all about the software, and the 3DS has been maligned for its lack of stellar launch titles. Nintendo did not release any Mario or Zelda games for it, which is unheard of for the company.

Rumors suggest third-party publishers pressured Nintendo into not releasing one of its classic franchise titles for the system yet, because doing so would overshadow every single other launch game.

Meanwhile, in Japan, the game Final Fantasy IV: Complete Collection was just released for the PSP, which boosted its sales to above-3DS levels not only two weeks ago but now last week as well.

In the US, the PSP is seen as a nearly dead platform. Hardly any games are even in development for it anymore. However, even in the US is still sells modestly well, because it’s seen as a valuable all-around media device. It’s good for playing movies and music in addition to games.

A successor to the PSP currently known as the NGP, will be available either later this year or early 2012.