PS3 EyePet to have Playstation Move support

EyePet, a Playstation 3 game that was announced years ago and appeared to have just disappeared from the North American release calendar, will be one of the first to use Sony’s new motion controller.

EyePet was first announced at the 2008 Leipzig Games Convention. At the time, it was a demonstration to show the power of the Playstation Eye camera. Players set up the camera so that it faces their room, then on the TV screen, a gremlin-like furry pet appears as though it is in the room too.

Using the motion-sensing capabilities of the Playstation Eye, players can then pet the little creature and perform gestures to interact with it. It was coined as one of the first “augmented reality” games.

EyePet was released in Europe and Australia, but then as the planned North American launch date approached, the game appeared to have fallen off the face of the Earth. Now we know that it’s because Sony was tweaking it to use the new Move controller.

In a post on the official Playstation Blog, Sony described the interactions with the controller: it can be used “to play various games with your pet. Namely, it allows toys to appear magically in your hands. For example, it could be a bubble wand, a fish net or a trampoline.”

EyePet will come out in the US during the fall season.