Barnes & Noble to put e-books on iPad

Barnes & Noble will be releasing an app for the iPad, a device that will be competing with its own Nook e-reader. It’s a way for the reail giant to gain more exposure in the market of digital books.

This week has shown that Barnes & Noble is more concerned with getting people to access its e-book store than it is with people buying its e-book device.

On Tuesday, the retailer announced that it would be offering Samsung’s competing E6 digital reader in its stores, in exchange for Samsung using B&N’s electronic book store exclusively for the device.

“Designed specifically for the iPad, our new B&N eReader will give our customers access to more than one million eBooks, magazines and newspapers in the Barnes & Noble eBookstore, as well as the existing content in their Barnes & Noble digital library,” wrote the retailer in its official blog.

The app will go on sale for the iPad around the same time the device launches.