Nintendo debuts Wii Motion Plus and Wii Vitality Sensor

Los Angeles (CA) – Reggie Fils-Aime, President of Nintendo America took the stage during the E3 Nintendo Keynote to talk about the Wii MotionPlus, an attachment which delivers precise and distinct motion control.

The Wii will ship later this year including the new “Motion Plus” which is promised to make for a more realistic and responsive game play. When gamers utilize the tool in a game of golf or a sword fight ,the sword or golf club will move in the exact manner in which you’ve moved it off screen bringing for a more realistic depiction of play. Of course, only games coded for the new device will also support it.

Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwato also came forward to deliver “another entirely different way of thinking about games” as he demonstrated the new Wii Vitality Sensor in which players insert their finger and get an accurate read of their pulse. The peripheral, designed for Wii Fit transmits information to the game in which you are playing. As the device takes hold and becomes widely utilized it could more than likely be used in unique an interesting ways for more realistic and intense game play. Imagine a single person shooter adapting when your adrenaline starts pumping.