Nintendo reveals plenty of new games at E3

Los Angeles (CA) – Nintendo brought a lot of software news to E3. In an attempt to continue to grow the gaming population and cater to everyone, the company believes that all new titles would find their audience.
Nintendo’s headlining announcement stuck with tradition to continue marketing its icons. Cammie Dunway, executive vice president of sales and marketing at Nintendo, Super Mario Bros Wii, which will include multiplayer gaming with up to 4 players, later this year. It remains in the same 2D fashion as its predecessors, but is more interactive, with more objects to fetch and collaborative ways for players to work with or against each other.

In the 13 months since its launch, Wii Fit has remained the best selling video game globally. The device/software is being considered its own gaming platform by some analysts. Wii Fit Plus will offer users a few more features. There are specific workout routines. Which promise to turn the device into a personal trainer.  The company boasted six new strength and yoga activities – users can combine them for their own, personalized workout. Wii Fit Plus will additionally track their progress. The game will arrive this fall, as a bundle with the Wii balance board, the software will also be available standalone.

Allowing users to utilize the new controllers effectively, Nintendo will unveil a number of games: The new Wii Sports Resort Grand Slam Tennis, Tiger Woods from EA, and Sega Virtua Tennis.

In trying to deliver the Wii console to serious gamers, Nintendo has partnered with third party publishers to bring Deadspace Extraction from EA, exclusively for Wii this game answers the questions that Deadspace left gamers with.  Additionally, The Conduit from Sega has been rebuilt from the ground up specifically for Wii. Those who are fans of shooter games will love Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles. Each of these titles will be available by year end.

For those interested in RPG gaming Steel 2″, a MotionPlus exclusive, “Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story”, “Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers”, “COP: The Recruit” and “Golden Sun” for DS, due in 2010.

In aiming to reach out to a broader audience the DS will now offer “Women’s Murder Club” which is a game allowing players to solve the murder mysteries written by James Patterson.  Available for teens will also be the fashion design game, “Style Savvy” which allows players to design clothing and run a boutique.

DSi owners will now be privy to photo sharing on Facebook, Flipnotes studio an application which allows for the viewing and creation of animations, and WarioWare: DIY a set of tools which allows gamers to create and share their own games. Giving complete control of plot, characters, and game play.