Twitter blocked in China

Fears of reaction to the 20th anniversary of Tianamen Square appear to have caused the Chinese government to block the phenomenon called Twitter.

Reports in the China Journal said that Chinese Twitter users were having difficulty following people or being followed since earlier today.

China is very nervous about the Tianamen Square anniversary – that’s when popular protest against the government resulted in a crackdown with the politburo sending in the army to suppress the people who protested.

China has cracked down on other sites too, with controls sometimes being imposed and sometimes allowed. YouTube is one of the sites that the Chinese government likes to ban from time to time. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is routinely blocked.

Harvard University maintains a watch on countries that ban internet sites – the site can be found here. YouTube is a regular. Its “herdometer” records countries around the world that appear to fall foul of various governments. Inaccessibility doesn’t necessarily mean a government has banned a site. Heck, it might just have crashed or receiving cruel and unnatural punishment through a denial of service attack.