Microsoft showcases new XNA Game Studio

Microsoft is showcasing the latest iteration of its XNA Game Studio for Windows Phone 7, Xbox 360 and Windows-based PCs at GDC 2010.

Company spokesperson Michael Klucher explained that Game Studio (4) featured accelerated 3D API’s (Windows 7), Visual Studio 2010 integration and advanced cross-platform support.

“[But] the other key component of XNA Game Studio 4.0 that we’ve enabled exclusively for Xbox partners is Xbox LIVE and a premium gaming experience on Windows Phone 7 Series,” said Klucher.

“Through the Gamer Services API’s you can pull in a user’s Gamertag and 2D Avatar as part of the game experience, unlock achievements on the platform and leverage notifications for asynchronous turn based gaming.”

Klucher also confirmed that development for the Zune and Zune HD will “continue to exist” in XNA Game Studio 3.1, but acknowledged that Microsoft was “encouraging” designers to “mitigate” games to the recently unveiled Windows 7 Phone platform.


“We tested this a lot during development and had games like Hexic and Goo Splat up and running in an hour or so – it’s very easy,” he added.