OnLive touts cross-platform cloud gaming

GDC 2010 – OnLive has confirmed that its cross-platform, cloud-based gaming platform will launch at E3 2010 in June.

According to CEO Steve Perlman, OnLive is expected to “fundamentally” transform the way users experience games and interact with each other.

”By distilling specialized game hardware out of the equation, OnLive will allow games to be played as a pure media experience on virtually any device, with the same flexibility and instant-play experience that we’ve come to expect from online video and music,” explained Perlman. 

“For gamers, this means you never have to do anything for your gaming experience to keep getting better. And developers now can unleash unbounded creativity to deliver state-of-the-art gameplay that they know will reach virtually any gamer—instantly.”

Perlman added that OnLive base service pricing would be set at $14.95 per month, with loyalty programs and other special offers TBA at E3 2010.

“The first 25,000 qualified people to register on the OnLive Game Service will have their first 3 months’ service fee waived,” said Perlman.

“Included in [the] monthly service fee are OnLive-exclusive features such as instant-play free game demos; multiplayer across PC, Mac and TV platforms; massive spectating; viewing of Brag Clips video capture and posting; and cloud-saving of games you’ve purchased—pause, and instantly resume from anywhere, even on a different platform.”