Sony debuts PlayStation Move motion controller

Sony has officially debuted its Move motion controller for the Playstation 3 at GDC 2010.

The new platform – which is slated to launch this fall – includes one-handed controller(s) and a PlayStation Eye camera that provides a more precise and “intuitive” navigation of in-game characters and objects.


“The combination of the PS3 system and PlayStation Eye camera detects the precise movement, angle and absolute position in 3D space of PlayStation Move motion controller, allowing users to intuitively play the game as if they themselves are within [it],” the company explained in an official statement.

“[The] Move motion controller delivers unmatched accuracy through its advanced motion sensors, including a three-axis gyroscope, a three-axis accelerometer, and a terrestrial magnetic field sensor, as well as a color-changing sphere that is tracked by PlayStation Eye camera.”

According to Sony, the Move system facilitates the accurate detection of both fast and subtle motion, whether the user is wildly swinging a tennis racket, or delicately painting with a brush.

Indeed, users provide direct input through action buttons and an analog trigger, while receiving physical feedback from rumble functionality and visual feedback from the sphere’s ability to display a variety of different colors. 

The PlayStaion Move motion controller platform will be priced at under $100 and is expected to include the Eye camera as well one game.