How to Fling your iPad with tactile gaming

Ten One Design has debuted a tactile game controller for Apple’s iPad dubbed “Fling.”

As one would expect, Fling creates actual physical resistance, providing gamers with optimized directional control.

The device is compatible with a number of popular iOS First Person Shooter and RPG titles, including Meteor Blitz, Across Age and Super Megaworm.

So, how does it work?

Well, simply launch the game of your choice and secure Fling’s center control over the game’s directional pad. 

Then, place your thumb on the center control to navigate easily through the game.

And don’t worry about blocking the display, as Ten One assures us that the transparent Fling offers an “unrestricted” view of all on-screen action.

Fling is currently available for pre-order at a $25 price point and will begin shipping at the end of January.  [[iPad]]