Even Jean-Luc Picard would hella love this keyboard

Even the indefatigable Captain Jean-Luc Picard would have wanted this automated keyboard on the Enterprise bridge.

Aptly named Engage, the keyboard studies your typing frequency and makes subtle, comfortable adjustments periodically so your hands and wrists are never in a fixed position while you work.  

These changes in positioning promote the natural motion of your hands and wrists, providing a high-level of comfort and presumably helping to prevent repetitive stress injuries.

“[Yes], most so-called ‘comfort products’ tend to differentiate themselves through radical forms and shapes, but they still limit movement by placing the hands and wrists in a static position,” Smartfish CEO Dr. Jack Atzmon told TG Daily.

“[But] Engage ensures movement in the user’s typing experience which is crucial for increasing flexibility, circulation and alleviating stress and pain. [As it should],  because the keyboard was developed in collaboration with a leading Orthopedic institution – The Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City.