eSports – Training Your Real Life Skills

What do video games represent for you? For many gamers, they represent an escape from the complexities of a less than ideal life. For others, they represent an activity that brings fun to an otherwise dull day. There are some that have even managed to make video games a source of income such as streamers and professional eSports athletes.

Whatever the purpose it may have in your life, many of us cannot afford the luxury of spending extended periods on an activity that does not add value to other important aspects of our lives. Whether you are a casual gamer or a top talent in a game such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, League of Legends (LoL), Starcraft, Call of Duty, or Fortnite, video games need to serve a purpose that transcends getting a win in a competitive match. This holds true even if you are at the level where you play in tournaments for the entertainment of legions of fans.

Does the practice of video gaming develop any skills that are beneficial in the real world? It does, and you’re about to learn how.

Establishment of Relationships

Most multiplayer games today are played online. This eliminates geographical restrictions in gameplay but also encourages the forming of relationships. This act of forming virtual relationships, while frowned upon by some, has two distinct benefits. These are:

  • A sense of belonging – The reality for many gamers is that they don’t feel like they belong in their educational or professional environments. The forming of online relationships with people who share their interests allows for that sense of belonging, which is a basic human need.
  • Communication skill development – Many people, particularly introverts, find it easier to strike up a conversation through a keyboard or over a microphone. The more this is done, however, the more these persons develop the communication skills necessary for face to face conversation. This is because the proximity element is the only difference between both types of communication. So, it becomes a case of repetition with the added benefit of non-verbal communication methods.

Team Building

Some of the most popular games today such as Apex Legends and Payday demand team-based play as opposed to requiring it. There is no single player mode in these titles. This helps players to develop many essential team building skills such as role assignments, role performance, communication, dependence, trust, etc. When players take the time to play these games, they are indirectly taking the time to invest in strengthening these skills.

This helps to slowly remove the mental block that many persons experience at the first sign of a need for teamwork. Almost every worthwhile career path requires a bit of teamwork from time to time and gamers sharpen the necessary skills every time they engage in team-based gameplay.

Resource Management

As unlikely as it may seem, video games can help to teach the skills of resource management. This is especially true in video games such as Don’t Starve that present detrimental consequences if this is done wrong. In a CS:GO tournament, teams that manage their in-game currency poorly are less likely to win than teams that do not.

As controversial as the Grand Theft Auto series is, there are lessons to be learned from it in business management, investment, and saving. Such games are modelled based on reality and many of the in-game traits required for success can also be applied in real life.


If you are into eSports betting or you plan to get into it, there are quite a few games that can teach you some valuable insights where the placing of bets is concerned. The Pokémon franchise is a prime example of this as it fosters strategic thinking when using one of the many iterations of the Game Corner, which is the in-game casino. There are various games to bet on with various odds of winning. Players are also required to spend wisely as overspending on unsuccessful attempts can mean an inability to purchase necessities such as potions that are needed to survive battles in the games.

Many of these principles can be applied to your real-life gambling exploits. Isn’t it ironic that you can sharpen your ability to bet on video games by playing them?

Critical Thinking

This is one of the most basic and most important life skills for everyone. While humans are not all born with the innate ability to apply logic to decisions in an ideal way, it is a skill that everyone can develop. There are courses available to help with this but not many of them can rival the way video games do it.

Many people need to feel engaged to learn. Fun engages everyone, and so video games have an advantage here as their premise is to be fun. The Legend of Zelda is an example of a franchise that is notorious for encouraging players to think in order to progress through its puzzle-based adventure.

While many people may view this as a game mechanic, there is a certain thought process that must be developed to progress through the game. Note that you are forgiven if you had to get assistance to progress through The Water Temple in Ocarina of Time as that level was rough.

In any case, gamers are constantly thinking. Whether it’s solving single player game puzzles or strategizing to outsmart other teams in Dota 2, video games provide a great way to adjust your thought pattern.


Video gaming mustn’t be viewed as a wasteful activity as it is by many persons. Thankfully, the current generation appreciates the artistic value behind video games and have benefitted from the real-life application of concepts that were learned as a result of playing them. Continue playing them and continue developing as a person.

Did you notice video games were doing all of this for you? Is there anything else video games help with in the real world that isn’t covered here? Thanks for reading and don’t forget to like, share, and repost.