Dr. Dre hawks $400 Red Sox Beats headphones

Dr. Dre, Jimmy Iovine and LeBron James are bringing da motherfrakkin’ ruckus with a $400 pair of Red Sox Beats Dre headphones from Monster.

“The athletes in sports are like the musicians in music. Without them it ain’t real,” Iovine told the Boston Herald. 

”So since the athletes accepted us, we figured we can do this.”

Meanwhile, Monster Cable Products founder Noel Lee explained that the headphones would allow rap fans to “fully experience” what Dre and his musical entourage created in the studio.

“It’s all about sound quality, which has kind of gone away. When you’re listening to your iPod with the earbuds that came with it, you don’t get to hear all the sounds that a producer like Dre puts into those recordings,” said Noel. 

“Hearing refined sound, hearing detail is a totally different experience,” Dre will spend years on a mix, and you won’t hear it listening with those white earbuds.”