Microsoft issues warning over corporate espionage

Do you dream of stealing lucrative corporate secrets from careless and overpaid executives in the foggy San Francisco night? Well, you are not alone.

Indeed, EMC and Microsoft have published a rather disturbing report which claims enterprises are “heavily invested” in guarding against accidental leaks of customer data, while consistently “under-investing” in the prevention of valuable trade secret theft.

“Companies are spending money to protect customer, medical and payment card information, as they should, but more emphasis needs to be placed on protecting the intellectual property and data that has intrinsic value to an organization,” explained Sam Curry, CTO, Marketing, RSA, The Security Division of EMC. 

“If IP is lost, it can cause long term competitive harm to an organization. The recent and highly-sophisticated attacks targeting intellectual property of large multinational companies are examples of this type of loss.”

John Chirapurath, senior director of the Identity and Security Business Group at Microsoft, expressed similar sentiments.

“Insider risk is a real and growing threat and the modern enterprise environment of collaboration with a variety of outside parties creates more opportunities for leakage and theft,” said Chirapurath. 

“This data illustrates that the more a company has to lose in terms of information value, the more criminal activity it will face.”