Report: Wi-Fi issues plague iPad owners

A number of iPad owners have reported wireless connectivity issues with their hallowed and “magical” tablet devices, including weak Wi-Fi reception, dropped signals and difficulty connecting to various routers.

“I have…noticed very weak Wi-Fi signal in my 16GB iPad,” user tdbc wrote in a forum post cited by AppleInsider.

“Even when standing in front of the WLan router the signal fluctuates from strong to very weak. The router has very strong signals as every other computer here has full signal strength, even 20-30 meters from the router. So there is definitely a wifi signal issue here with the iPad.”

Another iPad owner known as Casa De Trevino reported similar issues.

“Having same problem with wifi being weak and constantly fluctuating. I have to keep entering my password to regain access to my network after having lost a signal,” wrote De Trevino.

“Two iPhones and two MacBooks showing full signal with no interrupts. Certainly hope this is fixable. Too pricey of a toy for it to have this issue right of box.”

Meanwhile, Club Cupertino has acknowledged that the error may occur with certain “third-party,” dual-band capable Wi-Fi routers.

As such, Apple recommends creating separate Wi-Fi network names to identify each band, such as adding “G” to the 802.11g network name and “N” to 802.11n, while setting both network to the same security type.