Developers to get new Wii U hardware soon

Nintendo’s next home console is still in the process of being finalized.

Developers who had been working with early units will soon be getting a refreshed version of the device, which may reveal details that many gamers and game makers alike have been asking about.

Gary Dunn of Sega Europe told Eurogamer in an interview that the Wii U specs are far from being concrete, and even Nintendo’s closest partners don’t know verything the final version will entail. “It’s still a little early. There’s another generation of prototype hardware coming out in June or July that’s going to give us more information,” he said.

When asked how old the current Wii U prototype that Sega had been using was, Dunn remarked that he “better not say.”

Some things have already been revealed with the current iteration of the console’s development tools, such as having the ability to run high-definition graphics, and understanding the way the controller can interact with the system. That latter point seems to be the one thing that’s nailed down, as Nintendo’s E3 press conference earlier this month focused almost exclusively on the controller.

Details that are still murky include the actual technical specs, including processing power and disc playback capabilities, as well as online features. Many spectators are holding their breath to see if Nintendo can finally put together an appealing online gaming package that allows gamers to interact and network with one another.

Many developers, though, are at least enticed by the new controller. “Clearly the new control mechanic allows some asymmetrical gameplay which we’re quite excited about,” said Dunn.