Is Julian Assange being treated like a caged animal?

Julian Assange supporter Sarah Harrison says the WikiLeaks founder is being “treated like a caged animal” under the conditions of his house arrest at Ellingham Hall in the UK.

“I’m British and I’ve always been proud of our justice system, but this is just wrong. This is a man [who] hasn’t even been charged,” Harrison said.

In the video, Harrison highlights the ankle security brace Assange is forced to wear, as well as the numerous surveillance cameras placed around the rather spacious property.

The intrusive cameras were also roundly criticized by Ellingham Hall owner Vaughan Smith, who expressed skepticism over their usefulness.

“I’m not an expert on cameras but I believe these take number plates and record number plates,” Smith opined.

 “[Sure], I think the country’s full of them. But I don’t know why I need quite so many around my house.”

Meanwhile, former Assange lawyer Mark Stephens questioned the “burdensome” conditions of Julian’s house arrest.

“The restrictions on him are unduly burdensome. I have felt for some time that they were unduly restrictive,” Stephens explained.  “Were someone other than Julian Assange who was in the same position, they would not be subject to the same restrictions.”

Assange is currently slated to appeal his extradition to Sweden at the High Court on July 12. If he loses his appeal, the controversial WikiLeaks founder could still go to Britain’s Supreme Court or the European Court of Human Rights.

Assange remains relatively optimistic about his upcoming appeal.  

“I feel that the Swedish authorities will drop the case… There are many players in the Swedish situation.”

[Via DailyMail]